Seeing your biggest ever musical idol on stage for the first time is
something special. Hearing the songs you’ve listened to for more than
ten years coming out of the mouth of this amazing artist, seeing her
fingers play the strings of the guitar like only she can, and seeing
HER dreams come true as well, as she plays the piano with ease. She is
music, she is my inspiration.

Walking up to her and thanking her for an amazing show, ending up with
a picture, signed CDs and a lovely chat with your biggest hero(ine)
now that is something special as well. She remembered me from Myspace
(I feel like such a nerd), and we talked for quite a bit. I couldn’t
help but feel like a little girl in her presence, but she was lovely.:)
To tell you a little bit about the Myspace thing…
About a hundred years ago(or at least 5), I messaged her asking if it
was possible to get a hold of an instrumental track to one of her
songs, Won’t Go Near You Again. My favorite song, and I would love to
sing it live. She answered me, saying that no, there was no
instrumental track, but it wasn’t at all dificult to play on guitar.
She told me that she had only played for a year when she recorded the
album, To Whom It May Concern, and this information was what gave me
the kick in the butt I needed to start working on my guitar skills, or
the lack thereof. This album has been my inspiration for as long as I
can remember, both when it comes to voice, songwriting, and guitar,
and I figured if she could get THAT good in ONE year, there was hope
for me to god dammit!! And that’s when I picked up my guitar and
started writin songs on it. To this day, I am not half as good as she
was a year in, but I’m getting there.
Sadly, I didn’t have a proper camera with me, but I managed to get a
somewhat dark and blurry picture with my phone. So here it is, a
picture of a starstruck Audrey with her biggest hero, Unni
Wilhelmsen. 🙂

Lots of love,

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