Like The Wind – From Poem to Song (VIDEO live 2010)

The video I’m sharing with you today is another one from the concert I did in my home town in June last year.

This song, Like The Wind, is a bit special to me, because it started out as a poem. I have written a fair bunch of poems in my time, all of which are very free, and most of them have no rhyme or rhythm. Which annoys me a bit, to be perfectly honest. Because even though I do enjoy writing these poems, and they are definitely a part of me to, I always wish I could capture them into a song. Capture the feeling of the poem, the soul of it, if you know what I mean. But that’s hard. The situation I wrote this poem about was too chaotic I guess, too confusing and close to catch and tie down into a song until I’d had some distance. So it stayed a chaotic poem for many years, until finally one day, the song came rushing into my head.

Some of you may have heard the track I uploaded to my Soundcloud player (under “Music” on this site) called “Like The Wind intro (2009)”. Well, that’s the poem. So I’ll include that in this post as well, and you can decide for yourself if you think the song does the poem justice.

So, which one did you prefer..? 😉


Spriiiiing!!! <3

On my way back after a lovely stretching session (no running today – plenty of press-ups though, OUCH!!), and just had to share this with you – the SPRING!!! I was so happy when I could get my leather jacket out of the closet a couple of weeks ago. Well, today the sun is shining and it’s too HOT to wear it…! Spring spring spring, I love you. ❤

I wish I could be outside for the rest of the day, but no can do. I have about an hour to go home, have a shower and go back to LIPA for an actual class… Shiiiiit…!

I’m not the only one who would rather be outside today;

Another concert!

Another show is now on the list of “Shows To Come” (see menu above), and even though it is not until the 6th of May I thought I’d mention it. It is my Term 2 Ensemble performance, and I am very exited about it. It will be very different from the performances I’ve done in the past, but a little variation never killed anyone, right? I’m with a fun bunch of people, and we’re doing a fun bunch of songs. So far I’m not doing any of my own songs, but that can change off course. The songs we have chosen so far include some hits from the 90’s (but don’t worry, it’s not Backstreet Boys or Bryan Adams – it’s the cool stuff…) and a Maria Mena song. If you don’t know who she is, I strongly recommend that you check her out. She is a great Norwegian singer/songwriter and is currently in the process of recording her 6th album, which I am very much looking forward to hearing. I had the pleasure of meeting her (very briefly) in Stavanger many years ago, and she is just lovely. She has a beautiful voice and her songs are honest and heart-wrenching and fun – some critics have criticized her for being too honest, but we don’t care about the critics, do we?

Anyway, the song I’m doing is this one; He’s Hurting Me…

It’s very dark, but I love it. Especially the drums are amazing, and the way she uses her voice. Loves it!

Gotta go now, I have a class (if you can call 45 minutes of running and jumping and doing press-ups a class), but I will leave you with another one of the songs we’re doing in the ensemble performance on May 6th. I was gonna keep it a secret, but what the heck… I remember this song from the first cd I ever bought –  Absolute Music 16 -and it brings me right back to 1996. Hereyago – Missing, by Everything But The Girl… Remember?

Feel the luuuuv’! <3

A couple of weeks ago, my friend André wrote about me in the music blog “Lydrommet“, which he runs together with some mates in Bergen, Norway. This is what he said:

“Today I thought it appropriate to introduce Audrey Wilsen to you. She was on the same course as me in Liverpool, and has now started on the 3 year Bachelor program at LIPA. If you like music such as Jason Mraz, Unni Wilhelmsen and Alanis Morissette, Audrey’s song “Another Song” will be right up your ally. I was in the studio with her when she recorded the song “Orion’s Not The Same In Egypt”, and it was stuck in the heads of everyone who were present for weeks, just like a good pop song is supposed to. So here is the song “Another Song”, and I wish Audrey good luck in Liverpool! Enjoy!”

It is always nice to see that my music is spreading, and I did notice an increase in plays after this post was published. So thanks for that, André! =)


Live time!!

So it’s been confirmed –

I’m playing at Café Sør in Oslo Sunday April 24th!

I hope to see some of your friendly faces there! I will be playing alongside my friends Kristian and Marita on guitar and piano, 2 of my girls on backing vocals, and we might get a guest harmonica performance as well… Can’t wait! 😀 Café Sør is a place that I used to be a part of the furniture in while I lived in Oslo, at first, I must admit, because of the cute bartender, and then because of the amazing cocktails, the coffee and the nice atmosphere. I have enjoyed a few of these lovely Acoustic Sessions in the past, and I am very excited about being on stage for one. Happy times! ❤

I also wrote a new song today, together with Daniel Ross, and it is definitely on the set list for Café Sør. It’s a sweet duet, about young love and crushes, and it is at least catchy enough to get stuck in MY head… I’ll give you a little sneak preview one of these days, once I get a recording done with Rossie.

I’m gonna leave you with another picture of me and two of the best girls in the world. Cause they rock my world. Aren’t they cute??

By the way, WELCOME to the subscribers! Weheeey! 😀 Keep reading and commenting, I love hearing from you. ❤ And if you haven’t figured out that you can yet, there’s a subscription form on the top right on the page, where you can put in your e-mail address, and you’ll get e-mails whenever something happens on the site. Join in, baby! 😀

I hope your day was as good as mine, and if it was shit, I hope tomorrow will be better. It’s gonna be ok.

Lots of luuuuuv,


Blogging from my phone…

So, reading week is over, and I’ve had a wonderful time. My girl Milena came to visit from home, Melissa came down from York for a couple of days, and Line joined us last night after Mile left. Full House! This Is Two had their EP release concert on Saturday, and they kicked ass!! If your into quite heavy post hardcore rock (Like Biffy Clyro etc) you should check out their EP on iTunes.

I’ve enjoyed having my girls around. We’ve been staying up late pretty much every night though, so right now I’m KNACKERED! I’m actually in bed, at nine! Bliss.

Anyway, I just wanted to test out the WordPress app, and see just how easy it is to blog from my phone. Seems pretty easy! 😛

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend-I’ll be back with some more videos soon. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve put out so far?
Also, thank you so much for playing my songs – I’ve passed 700 plays thanks to you!:-D

Have a great week!:)


Video; Just Press Play live in Norway 2010

Here’s another video from my concert with Becky and Dan in Norway last summer. This song was one of the first songs I wrote on my own in 2008, and it is about living in the moment. Just press play, and put the remote down. 🙂

I don”t really play this one anymore, but I thought I’d put the video out there anyway. I did have some good times with this song. Enjoy! =)

Here’s also a link to the video of my performance in the Norwegian talent show “Stjernedryss” in 2008. It was my first performance of this song, and my first time on stage with a guitar and a band. Fun times! 😀

Video; Radio Interview

In January, I stopped by my friends in Radio Randsfjord to have a chat and to give them the song they have been waiting for. I have always said that the first time I hear my song on the radio will be a huuuge day, and a reason to celebrate. So on the way home from the studio, I stopped and got a cute little bottle of champagne! I popped it when the song came on, and it was definitely a big moment… 🙂

So here it is: Another Song premieres on Norwegian radio, and I talk about the song, LIPA, my blog, why I would never enter X-Factor and my plans for the future. The interview is subtitled in English, and includes the whole song. =)

Video; Orion’s Not The Same In Egypt

This video is from a concert I did in Norway last summer. Dan and Becky came with me to Norway, and in addition to being force fed “PØLSE” all week, they accompanied me on stage at the festival “Liv & Røre” in my home town Jevnaker. It was great to show them a bit of home, and to show home a bit of my new life in the UK.

We also got a lot of buzz in the local media. These photos are (left to right)  from the newspapers Ringerikes Blad, Hadeland and Oppland Arbeiderblad, and I also did a radio interview with “Radio Randsfjord” prior to the concerts. Good times! =)

About the song “Orion”… In 2007, I went to Egypt with my very good friend Milena, and sitting by the Red Sea one night I noticed that the constellation Orion had fallen over. He was laying on his side, in stead of standing tall like he does in Norway. Now, Orion has always been the only constellation I recognized and knew the name of, and ever since I was a little girl it has always been somewhat of a comfort, to be able to look up and find Orion wherever I was. Needless to say, I didn’t travel much as a kid. Anyway, coming to Egypt and realizing that Orion actually wasn’t the same in Egypt was a bit of a shock. I mean, it’s logical, once you think about it, but I had certainly never thought about it before. And so the sentence “Orion’s not the same in Egypt” set root in my head, and I knew I wanted to write a song about it. Still, it took me two years before the song followed, and it took the dreams of a little girl to set it off. I was working as a substitute teacher at a school for a couple of days before I moved to England, and on the last day, I performed my song “Just Press Play” for the high school kids. It was in their English class, so they were asked to ask me questions in english, and it was quite fun. But the best part of it was when this girl, this sweet, sweet girl, came over to me in the break, while I was playing the headmistress’ guitar on the grass. She handed me a crumbled page from her note book, and told me not to read it straight away cause she’d get embarrassed. When I did read it, it touched my heart in a way I can’t explain. It was a song that she had written, and her telling me how she writes songs to and dreams about singing, but she is too shy to do anything about it. I was her once. And I understood. I saw her again as I was waiting for the bus, and I grabbed her, and told her to keep writing, keep singing. I wanted to hug her, tell her that I understand, make sure she’ll never let go. I hope I got through in some way, and that she never lets go. That she’ll get the kick in the butt that I once got, and that she doesn’t back down just because small town life tells her she can’t do it. Cause she can!

Anyway, that crumbled note inspired what ended up being the chords to this song, and later that night, the rest of the song came rushing into my head. And every time I perform it, I think about that girl. If you’re reading this; M, this is for you. And for dreamers everywhere. You can do it! =)

Video; live with This Is Two – and Happy Valentines Day! <3

I have a whole bunch of live videos laying around on my computer, that I just haven’t gotten around to editing yet. The one I’m about to show you, is from a performance I did with This Is Two about a year ago. This Is Two is a Liverpool based, post hardcore band, and they are awesome. Check them out on Myspace, and look for their upcoming EP “For Friends:For Enemies” on iTunes and Spotify in a weeks time.

Anyway, this song, “Won’t Let You Fall”, is very different from the rest of their stuff, but I still like it. It’s a lovely song, and I’m proud to be on it. I hope you enjoy the video. Peace! =)


and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all the lovers out there! 😀

Especially Kristian & Marita, who I just found out apparently got married a couple of days ago!! Congrats guys, and Happy Birthday Kristian! ❤

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