In the middle


It is kind of weird to me to be summing up a calender year. I mean, since my life has always happened in school years, New year’s to me is not as much the end of one year and the fresh start to another, as it is a tiny little break in the middle of one. Year. A breather, to stop up and think about where I am, where I’m going, and get ready for the big finish. Which, I guess, is the meaning of it for everyone.

So… Where am I?
I am in the middle of my first year at a LIPA Bachelor in Music. I am learning, every day. I am meeting and working with a huge amount of exciting and talented people from all around the world, and I am exploring and developing my own creativity. I am arranging for strings. I am in love, and I am happy, in a city I adore, in a cool flat with awesome (however messy) flatmates. I am an auntie to a whole bunch of awesome kids, and tomorrow I have been an aunt for 6 years. Life is surprising and wonderful, and I love living it. I know, I know, I sound like a gimp. But you’re supposed to sum up on day like this, aren’t you? Bzzz…

Where am I going then?
Looking ahead, one of the plans for this year is putting together a mini tour in Norway with my Oslo based band, as well as playing as much as I can live in Liverpool with my Liverpool band. I also want to write a lot of new songs, as I feel like the songs I HAVE written doesn’t really say what I want to say with my music anymore. Genre wise, I need to have a think and a feel, and give myself a little push in the right direction. The song I am working on at the moment, Free, is closer to the destination I think, but there are still a lot of steps left on the ladder before I can rest my head on the right “Genre Shelf”. Maybe I never can. That’s the great thing about music, and creating music; Just like you are constantly developing and changing as a person, your music is also changing, and growing with you. Heck, who knows, I started out in R&B, and here I am now as an acoustic pop/folk singer/songwriter – I might end up in heavy metal…! …she jokes.
Nah, I’m pretty happy where I am right now. The year so far (the school year, that is) has been great, and not half as tough as I expected. BIG relief. I know I did the right thing accepting my spot on the course, and I can’t imagine what I would have been doing right now if I hadn’t. I know I’m gonna face a lot of challenges in the next 2 and a half years, but I’m up for it. Bring it on, LIPA!

The point, and the answer to the questions in question, is this; 

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, with who I’m supposed to be with, doing what I’m supposed to do. I’m right in the middle. In the middle of right now. And there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

Tonight, I’m eating my dad’s amaaaazing chicken stirr fry with my parents, my brother and his family. That’s it. I gave up New Year parties years ago, because it was always a let-down. Someone always ended up fighting, even people who had never had anything to fight about. Someone stormed off in anger in the middle of the night and ended up crying in the rain on a bench by the river, someone slapped someone, someone kneeled on the gravel in front of their boyfriend’s car and begged him not to drive off DRUNK, a house got surrounded by skinheads with bats… You get the picture. And people always insisted on going OUT, and it was crowded and horrible, and I just didn’t enjoy myself. I would much rather enjoy a quiet night and lovely dinner with my family. Speaking of which; It’s getting late, and I need to have a shower and get ready before my brother and his family gets here. I can smell something cooking all the way down here, and I am HUNGRY!!!

For now;
I hope you have all had a wonderful christmas, and that 2010 is the best year you have ever had and the worst you will ever have. 😉 Enjoy the evening, and 


Lots of love,


Merry Christmas from Winter Wonderland!

It’s NICE to be Home For Christmas!

I was lucky and made it home (my flight was “only” an hour and a half late), and I am really enjoying some proper time off with family and friends at home. It’s been a long time since I have had this much time off from school or work (4 weeks!), and it is NICE! 
I hope you are all having a wonderful time this christmas! And to everybody who didn’t make it home – I hope you have been able to make christmas a nice time wherever you are. And that you have Skype! 
I’ll be back soon, with more songs and more news. 
Take care! =)

Last finish…

Today, there is a page and a half about me and this blog in the Norwegian newspaper “Hadeland”. If you’re stopping by for the first time because you have seen it, then WELCOME! 😀

I’m a busy bee these days, with the last pile of school work to be handed in tomorrow, still a couple of christmas presents left to buy and 2 days until I go HOME FOR CHRISTMAS for almost 4 weeks!! Everything has gone really well, and I am pretty much on top of things – unlike last year, when all my hand-ins and exams were in January and I spent the whole christmas holiday stressing about it… This year, it’s different. A lot of things are different. But I’m loving it!

I did however have a minor setback a couple of weeks ago, when I was down with the flu (and I mean DOWN, I couldn’t do anything, including, sadly, my ensemble performance which I was devastated about) and spent an entire week in bed with a fever, eating nothing but Ritz crackers. Horrible. I’m fine now, finally, and enjoying the last days in Liverpool with my Lovely. 🙂

Like I said, the Oslo band is in place, and I can’t wait to meet up with them in January to discuss and jam.

Ooh, I have some very exciting news – for me at least. ;-P I have spent the money I got from Sparebank1, and got myself a KORG SP-250 Digital piano, an audio interface which allows me to record it on to my laptop, and Logic studio software! Wuhu! I’m so happy with the piano, and a new song is allready on the way. Too bad I can’t bring it all to Norway with me…!

An early christmas present from Sparebank1 ❤

I got to go now, heading down to town to do what will hopefully be the last of the christmas shopping, before it gets too packed with people. I HATE the queues…!

Take care now, and keep checking in!



Here are the 3 songs I have out on Soundcloud- Just press play and have a listen! =)

Another Song by Audrey Wilsen

Orion’s Not The Same In Egypt by Audrey Wilsen

The First Kiss Hello (Since Goodbye) by Audrey Wilsen

The Oslo band is ready! :-D

Right, the Oslo band is ready, and here are the wonderful people you might see me perform my songs with in Oslo around spring time;

  • Guitar: Kristian Hansen 
  • Bass: Kim Westby
  • Drums: Øyvind Emanuelsen
  • Keys & BV’s: Marita Heimstøl
  • Backing Vocals: Julie Lund & Melissa Lødemel

I am thrilled to have so many of my long time close friends and lovely people in my band, and really can’t wait to get started on what I can only imagine will be an amazing time. You are the BEST, guys! 😀

I am also thrilled and amazed that “Another Song” reached 100 plays in 2 days – WOW!!

I should really be baking christmas cookies today, cause that’s what I always do when December comes knocking. But sadly, I am really freaking ill, and not able to do much at all…! ☹ I just hope I’m better for tomorrow, and my Ensemble’s performance in the LIPA Sennheiser. All though right now, I don’t feel very ready to sing “I Just Wanna Make Love To You…”

Send me some cyber-luuuv please, I need to get better! 😦
Lots of love,