Meet The Band!!


So here they are, my lovely band members;

Obadiah Jones (acoustic guitar), Ellie Redgrave (backing vocals, percussion and random weird stuff), Laura Williams (drums), Bendik Johnsrud (electric guitar), Laura Shea (bass) and Henry Burnett (keys). I made them do this lame group picture before we finished rehearsal, just for you. ;-P

The rehearsal was good, and I am very pleased indeed. We started playing around with Like The Wind, which has never been played with a full band before, and it sounded great for a first rehearsal. Happy Audrey! 😀 Friday will most likely be our slot from now on, and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Now, friends, I shall leave you – I have a Barbeque to attend! And yes, I am aware that it is nearly October, but Liverpool isn’t. It has been insanely hot here today, and I was very pleased when I realized I could wear my hippie dress! Yay!


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Everyone should spend days like today barefoot in a park.

Like, seriously. Is there anything better than running barefoot in green grass, sun beaming?

Photo by Michael Kounti

Today was good. Even though I had to stand still and just take it when Mike poured 2 liters of water (warm water, but still) over my head.

Photo by Michael Kounti

Normally, this would be when I would run away squealing. But I kinda agreed to it beforehand, so all I could to was squeal. Ahh, the things you do for art. At least the result looks quite cool…:-D

Photo by Mike Brits

I truly enjoyed seeing Mike in action today, and I’m really looking forward to my promo-shoot with him. He is an amazing photographer, and if you want to check out some more of his work (which you should), you can visit his website or Facebook Page and have a browse! =) For the next shoot we will most likely just go back to the park from today, it was such a gorgeous location! It has the green grass and the trees, but it also has an awesome view of the city, which I thought was a cool contrast. Kinda like me. Born and raised a proud country girl, but way too restless and spontaneous to not live in the city.


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Songwriting Workshops

I promised you a post about my busy week in Norway, and here it is!

Songwriting workshops
Like I said, the main reason for going home so close to starting the new year at LIPA, was that I had been asked to do 2 songwriting workshops in my home town, as part of a music video project the local Culture School is putting up. I was honored that they asked me in the first place, and I’m very glad to have been a part of this awesome project. I WISH they had done stuff like this when I was in high school! I did two workshops over two nights, and it was a great success. 12 people turned up on the first night (among them a 13 year old boy I used to babysit for when he was 1 – man, I’m getting old..!), and we had a fun time talking about songwriting, listening to examples and working on ideas for a song. By the end of it, we had a pretty good idea for a theme and a story, and they had all written down a few lines of lyrics. I took it all home and worked a bit on it until the next day. A special thanks to Susanne and Christina for turning up the next day and finishing the lyrics with me! It was great fun!

The song is being recorded in a studio in Hønefoss these days (after some changes by the music team), and in October/November the music video will be made. The final result is showing at the local cinema in the beginning of December, and hopefully I’ll be able to attend. If not, I’m sure I’ll get to see it on Youtube! =)

The rest of the week
Man, what a week…! The original plan was to head straight to my girl Milena on the day I arrived. She had just gotten back from holiday, just made some cool changes to her apartment I had yet to see, and we had lots of catching up to do. Besides, she lives en route to my home, and very close to another friend of ours, whos awesome boy Miguel turned SIX that week! I didn’t have a lot of free time on my hands at all, but the little window of time I did have I wanted to spend hugging the birthday boy. Sadly, that all fell through as I was headhunted for a teaching job the next day, and I had to go straight there.
And what a journey it was! Through a series of random events and stupid decisions on my end, I ended up traveling for about 11 hours, missing so many buses and walking around in the middle of nowhere, in the rain, dragging a suitcase after me. I was SO pissed off. At the end of the line though, I got to sit down on a couch and talk to my sister for a couple of hours, which I don’t get to do very often, so it was all worth while. =) I enjoyed being back in Bjoneroa, and teaching was a lot of fun, as always. Plus, the priceless bonus of being in Bjoneroa is of course that I get to hang out with a couple of the best kids in the world; My niece and nephew.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much absorbed by the songwriting workshops, but I did manage to squeeze in a lovely lunch with one of my favourite people in the world between all the work;

Friday and Saturday I spend on a glass stand with my dad, engraving names on his awesome glass. I had fun, and even started on a new hat! ;-P

We sat there for about ten hours straight on the Friday and about 8 on Saturday… It was nice, but cold, and a walk to the shopping center to buy warm socks (My feet were freezing in my Nikes after 2 hours) resulted in brand new boots;

From now on, I shall forever be known as (pause for effect) The Girl With The Red Boots… ;-P

And that’s literally where my week went. There were plenty of people I didn’t get to see and things I didn’t get to do this time, but whatchagonnado. I literally barely had time to piss.


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Introducing: The Bassist!

Weeeey! I have the overwhelming pleasure of introducing the first confirmed member of The Band;

Laura Shea; Bassist

Me: What should I write about you Laura? Laura: I dig music.

Laura is from Liverpool and studies bass and other wonders of music alongside me, in our second year at LIPA. She also lives in the flat next to mine, which is incredibly practical; I can bas(s)ically just knock on the wall (or better yet, climb over from Eileen’s balcony) and summon her over for practice. Hah!

(Don’t worry Laura, I won’t do that… Very often…)

Prior to being headhunted for my band (which of course is the ultimate climax of her career), Laura has played in lots of different bands. Who else can say that they’ve played both Country and Death Metal…!

An awesome (and versatile) bass player indeed, and above all, Laura is just cool. And very nice. And I am very excited to have her in my BAAAAAND!! YEAH!


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I’m back I’m back I’m back!!

Jammin' in my room with Hanna, Eileen and Nina. And Iselin, who was taking the picture. I ❤ my life.

The time has come; I’m back in Liverpool, back at LIPA, back on WordPress… Back in my world, so to speak, and it feels great! Sadly, I’m not properly back online yet as we have no internet in the flat for another week or so, which is partly why I’ve been so quiet. That, and obviously the busy nature of the last few weeks – it’s been CRAZY!! Between sorting the new flat out, doing songwriting workshops in Norway (I promise I’ll do a post about that later) and preparing for the new LIPA year, I haven’t had time for much else lately… But now it’s finally starting to get back to just the right amount (and the right kind) of busy. I’m starting to get the taste of my new day to day, and it is YUMMY!! The flat is looking awesome, my new flatmates are just adorable and being back at LIPA ROCKS!! I’m a secondyear now!! I feel so big and important!! ;-P

I could go on all day about how happy I am to be back and the all the awesomeness that has filled the last few weeks, but I will leave that for another post another day and move on to The News… Because I do have some proper news this time! Are you excited?? Thought so. ;-P

So I have fiiiiinally kicked myself royally in the ass and started the process of finding The Band – also known as The People Who Are Going To Join Me On Stage All Over Liverpool And Help Me Make My Music Awesome. So far I have gotten replies from and spoken to a nice little bunch of people, and I have a very good feeling about them! I am actually moving into a somewhat different direction with my music these days (more about that later), and I feel like I’ve found some of the people who can help me find that new sound. The first un-official rehearsal will take place next week, and all though there is no reason to state the obvious, I’m just gonna put it out there: I am super excited!!! 😀
I will announce the band members properly as they are confirmed Members Of Staff, and introduce them with a nice little photo and stuff. Good fun!

New photos:
I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a sick amount of talented people in many different fields, in and through LIPA. One of them is the awesome photographer Mike Brits, who has agreed to do my next promo pictures for me. Mike is based in Liverpool and has done photos for a lot of my LIPA friends already. I love his work, and I’m looking forward to working with him! You should all check him out and Like his Facebook page (Mike Brits Photography).:)

I’ll show the blog some proper luv’ again soon, promise. Tonight I just really wanted to update you all on the band situation and stuuuuff.

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I love you guys!