Happy birthday to meeee!! :-D

Yup, another year has passed, since I entered the world in a terrible snowstorm. And yes, snowstorm – on April 27th..! Which is probably the reason I have never gotten along with King Winter. It was COLD. Or so I have been told.

I have had a great day, starting off with getting up early for breakfast at my sister’s,

where I got to flirt with this guy ❤
And later on, this maniac here (the small one)
I also got the perfect pressie, from my sisters and their families; The perfect dose of fun and yumminess;
love Nemi (An awesome Norwegian cartoon that you can check out online in English here), and the Easter egg is full of candy that I will have aaall to myself in the UK cause nobody there likes salty candy! Oh JOY!!!! And yes, the green bag is full of them to… REFILL!! ;-P
Oh, and my Lovely was there to.
Of course, there is no birthday without cake, and I had prepared my awesome home made lemon cheese cake the night before. We brought it over to my grandmother and had a taste, and it was just as good as it looks (strawberry design by Dan). I’m tellin’ ya – mmmmm….
Desert first, then there was dinner. I had a lovely chinese meal at Ta Shun with family, Dan and Eileen. Very very lovely.
As if we weren’t full enough, we had some ice cream,
before we went home for more cheese cake, coffee, guitar’ing on the porch and a film. Luuuuuv’ly! ❤
It was nice to be home for my birthday for once. I’ll probably do some more celebrating on Saturday, when I am going to Oslo to see Lykke Li live with Milena and Eileen, and hopefully go for dinner with a bunch of people before the show, and/or drinks with a bunch of people afterwards.
Right now I’m exhausted, and absolutely overwhelmed with all the texts, calls, messages and wall posts I got today, wishing me a happy birthday. I haven’t had a chance to reply to them all, but know that I truly appreciate your words and cyber-hugs! I LOVE YOU TO!!! ❤
Sleepy time now. Have a good night, day, week and weekend!
Lots of love,

Thank you! <3

Audrey Wilsen & The best of my 2 worlds, Café Sør, Oslo 24.04.11

So, the concert at Café Sør is history, and here is the first out of many photographs taken by my friend Sunni (Svart Katte Photo). Thank you so much Sunni, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of’em! =)

Actually, there are plenty of people who deserve a huge thanks for their effort, so I’ll do the whole round;

Thank you Marita, Kristian, Marius and Eileen for accompanying me on stage and bringing my songs to life, Dan for the harmonica solo, Clinton for giving me the spot and for the sound, Lars & Sindre for filming, Sunni for pictures, Marhú Anna for the cut & color, Julie for stylistic advice, Marita for the curls, Mel for the last minute make-up, the bar for the drinks, Ian for his miracle work, Ragz for good advice, and an extra thanks to Marita and Kristian for housing, entertaining and feeding me this past week. And of course, thank you so much to everyone who came out to see me, it meant a lot to have you there! Playing in big scary Oslo for the very first time was made a tiny bit safer by all the familiar faces smiling back at me. Thank you thank you thank you!!! ❤

Videos and more pictures from the show will be put up as soon as I get them, and more about my crazy week later. Right now I am busy playing – hold on to your hats – Lemmings! Yes, the good old Lemmings game is online, and I am hooked, just like when I was, like, 10… Join me?

Have a great week everyone!


Status report:

Set-list for the show: settled.

Rehearsals: Going pretty well. Have gone through all the songs at least twice.

Voice: Bad, but better than yesterday, which is good. Still coughing like crazy.

Nerves: Starting to announce their arrival.

Hair: Cut and colored. Marhú is awesome.

General well-being: Enjoying the crap out of sunny Springtime Norway and Kristian and Marita’s couch. The flat is super cosy and the company wonderful, as always, and I might move in here. Today, on the bus to town, I saw lots and lots of all 3 of the spring flowers I missed last year; Hestehov, Blåveis & Hvitveis. It made me very very happy. Spring in Norway is awesome, and I’m glad I went home this Easter.

I hope you are all having a great Easter holiday, and that I will see a lot of your faces at Café Sør on Sunday. I will be there, with CAKE! Music, drinks and FREE birthday cake, who can say no to that?? Muahaha…

Another late one is over – I’m going to couch. See you on the other side.


The buzz

There is something about sitting in a large room, with people running around on and around stage, fixing things. The room is buzzing, with black t-shirted techies testing monitors, plugging cables and adjusting mic stands. The musicians are on stage taking turns sound checking their instruments. And behind the scenes a whole other world of preparations are going on. Lights, hair, make-up, props, warming up. We’re just waiting – as usual everything is behind schedule and people are stressing.

I’ve heard so many people – including myself, might I add – complaining about all the waiting involved in performances and recording sessions, but even though it can be a bit of a pain in the butt sometimes, I am loving it. The buzz. The nerves. The waiting. The knowing that in a little while I will be up on that stage, bathed in light, singing/playing my heart out.

And aren’t those the little moments we live for…? 

Lists, Life and The Best Of My 2 Worlds <3

I love lists. I love writing them, and I love ticking things off them – it makes me feel so effective. Sometimes I even put things I’ve already done on the “To-Do-List”, just for the satisfaction of ticking them off. If only I could spend as much time doing what’s on the lists, as I do writing them…!

Other lists I love writing, are lists that makes me focus on good things. Like this one:

5 reasons why I look forward to Easter:

  1. I get to spend 2 weeks with my peoples in Norway (most of all my amazing nieces and nephews).
  2. I get to hang out with friends, meet people for coffee and play music in Oslo for a week.
  3. I’m doing my first ever concert in Oslo on April 24th.
  4. I get to be home for my birthday.
  5. We’re having a huge barbeque for the whole family at my parents house.

See? Fun! Now you try! 😀

Life is super busy in Liverpool these days, which is my reason for heartlessly neglecting this blog for the last week or so… I can’t remember the last time I was this busy. Essays, assessments, rehearsals, meetings, concerts to arrange and songs to write. Puh! It’s awesome-stress though. On top of everything else, the 3rd Degree Music Festival is going on at LIPA these days, which is a 2 week festival where the 3rd year music students showcase their awesome selves. 36 concerts in 2 weeks, it’s insane!!! I have witnessed so much magic happen up on that PMA stage in the past week, and I really regret not going last year. I’m already starting to think about my own 3rd degree showcase – I know it’s early, but F it. The highlights for me so far have without a doubt been Joaqim Lewerin, with his charming songs about IKEA and the Author’s daughter, Picture Book, who made me dance like I haven’t danced in ages, and of course Fully Loaded, who had with them the coolest dude ever, Buggy Nhakente, who they headhunted from Barbados. You can’t go wrong with a bit of reggae. Ya man. And I gotta say, Lauren Spink is the coolest woman on the planet! Just puttin’ it out there. Also worth mentioning are Jonas Alaska (Bird Flu! So funny!), Dire Wolfe (who really really really shouldn’t be splitting up – SHAME on you!!), Emily Leonard, Dan Croll, Evelyn Burke… Well, all of them really, they’ve been amazing.

If you wanna check out some of the artists (and you should, you really really should), you can find lots of links here:

When it comes to my own concert, I guess I am as prepared and on top of things as I can be, concidering I’m in Liverpool, and the musicians are in Oslo – the guitarist with an injured finger. If I was religious, I would be praying for said finger to heal, but all I can do is cross my own I guess.

I have decided to call the show “Audrey Wilsen & The Best Of My 2 Worlds”, because that’s excactly what it is. Kristian & Marita and possibly ms.Julie (I can’t believe I managed to find a picture of all 4 of us!) from back home, and Marius, Eileen and Dan from my LIPA world – I am so happy and grateful to have these wonderful people by my side on one of the most important nights of my music career so far. Playing at Café Sør is a huge deal for me, and I hope it will be as enjoyable to play as it normally is to watch these Acoustic Sundays. Also, seeing as it is 3 days before my birthday, I hope to see a lot of familiar faces being stuffed with birthday cake and cocktails as I sing! =)

By the way: There will be at least 4 brand new songs on the set-list. Just saying. 😉

On that note, I will lay my head to rest. Tomorrow is a new day, filled with a capella class, a dance assessment (and then I’m DONE!!! FOR EVER!!!), a meeting with Ragz (my practical project “mentor”) and 3 more 3rd Degree performances. Tough life! 😉

I hope you are all having a fantabulous week! And remember – you can subscribe to this blog by putting your e-mail address in the little yellow-ish box-thingy up there:

Stay in touch – I love you and your comments! =) Lots of love and kisses through the air,


Happy Friday! :-D

I ❤ The Quarter!

I had the best lunch with Monica today, at good old “The Quarter” in Faulkner Street. We used to go there all the time when we lived together last year, and it was so nice to sit down with a Smokey Joe pizza, a Mocha and a Monica again.;) And look at the flower! I LOVE it…!! 😀

Mon gave me some pointers on the whole Singing teaching thing, and I’m gonna make a proper plan for it later. I’m well excited, I think it’s going to be a bunch of fun! 😀

I finished “Free” a couple of days ago, at 4 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. Free is a song I started months ago, and I have been stuck on that last verse. It always comes to me when I leave it alone and forget about it for a while. It still has some tweaking left, but most likely it will make the set list for Café Sør! Which there is a Facebook event for now by the way, and it’s got 28 attending guests since last night! Hurray! Are you coming?

Right now, Eileen is once again making brownies in my kitchen. Cake Friday is a thing we have started to enrich our weeks with lately, and we are planning to keep it going when we move in together next year. Yay! There is also dinner on the way – Dan’s amazing chicken fajitas – and I might get that bottle of whine out of the fridge eventually. Looks like the perfect Friday! ❤ I think need that, to prepare for the essay I have to write on Identity during the rest of the weekend…

Have a great weekend everyone!

And remember, keep those comments coming! And subscribe up there:

Love you! 😉