Home Sweet Home 2011

I came back home for the summer on May 27, and what better way to mark my return than by playing at the local Festival “Liv & Røre”? I did 4 of my own songs and a cover in front of a tent-full of people, and it was great fun. Thank you to everyone who came, and to the arrangers of a great festival. It’s nice to be home!

Pictures by Øyvind Norstrøm (Jevnaker Kommune):

Pictures by Jørn Haakenstad (Hadeland):


Like, does he have a car?

Summer is here! 😀 So far the weather hasn’t been great,  but I have every hope that that will turn aaany day now. As for holiday plans I have far too many, but still no real overview over when stuff is happening. All I know for sure is that I’m going here for a week in July with my Lovely and his family:

Why guilty…?? Other than that, I know that some time within the next 3 months I’m working for a few weeks at my sister’s office, doing a little mini high school tour to recruit some singing students, going to one of my best friends wedding (when did we get so OLD!?!??) and seeing Bon Jovi live with my sisters. Yes, Bon Jovi. Apparently that’s what you might call a “guilty pleasure.” Now what the hell is wrong with Bon Jovi?? Look me in the eyes and tell me this isn’t a beautiful song! And that mr. Jon Bon isn’t a gorgeous, gorgeous man… Sigh (and drool)…


Maybe baby… Also, I might be going to Amsterdam for a few days (if I’m a good girl;-)), and I might have a gig in Drammen – to be announced. And I will hopefully be writing lots of songs and playing lots of piano, thanks to my girl Ida, who is kind enough to lend me her piano over the summer. THANKS, DIDA! But before all of this, this awesome girl is coming to visit from the UK on Friday:


Weekend of awesome… By some awesome coincident, “The Oslo Day Of Music” is happening while she is here, which means that we will be able to catch a shitload of free concerts around town all day Saturday. And the honorable James Whitehouse is in town to, so I’m guessing there will be plenty of hanging. And to all my Oslo peeps (haha): I am planning on drinking lots and lots of coffee this weekend…! So come and coffee up with me (and my Dolly)! Or else, you will have a situation like this on your hands:


And you don’t want that, do ya?  ;-P

Home Sweet Home… It is very nice to be home. So far I haven’t done too much, but it’s been nice just being able to chill the f**k down after an intense period of uni work – exams and assessments and essays up to my neck… It feels weird to have a to-do-list this short, and I walk around with a constant feeling that I’m forgetting something, that there is somewhere I need to be and someone I need to meet… I’m sure it will pass, as soon as all the plane tickets are booked for the summer and I actually know where I will be and when. There is definitely gonna be a fair bit of back and forth…

Zzzzzz… But for now, I am more than happy chilling in the woods and doing nothing for a while. It’s so quiet here! ❤ No traffic, no people, no nothing. All I hear, actually, is the roar of my poor Macbook – I’m suspecting that it’s getting old and ill… I’m gonna let it, and me, rest for the night. Take care out there people. Cause I luuuuv’ ya!



Summer Soundtrack Addition =)

Foto: Eva Rose Furmyr - Hotshot studios

I was reading a mate’s blog today, and stumbled upon a song I wanted to share with you (Thank you, Dan from The Voice!). It’s a chill and feel-good summer tune by a girl called Sisi, and all I know about her is that she is gorgeous, has an awesome voice, and that she’s been doing backing vocals for a bunch of Norwegian artists lately. Check it out – you might get an addition to your summer 2011 sound track! =)

“I like this life we are making for ourselves”

…said a friend of mine from my class today, when I told him about the last 48 hours I’d had. And I agree. It is a great life. The best. Busy, creative, exciting, exhausting… and so rewarding.

Hectic, to say the least… Thursday was the only day I had to reduce all the stuff I will need until September down to 30 kilos, (and jam it into two suitcases), and to pack all the rest of my stuff into boxes. It was my last day in the old flat, the last day with my boyfriend for a month and a half, the last day to rehearse for my concert the next evening – it was the last day for a lot of things. The taxi was pre-booked for 5 a.m. on Friday morning, to take me to Liverpool John Lennon Airport for my 7 a.m. flight to Norway, and I was not happy (but not the least bit surprised either) that I had left the packing to the last minute – again. At the same time it was kinda really  worth it, for a great night out the night before, with a bunch of people I won’t see again for over 3 months.

Stupid #$$/%$/%” packing…!! Like I said, Thursday was The Day Of Packing. I hate packing. Packing (plus the thought of leaving and the constant fear of leaving crucial stuff behind) makes me physically ill. I get nauseous and I can’t think – and certainly not about what to pack. There is nothing that gets me in a worse mood than packing, and this time I had to double-pack to. Ghaaah.

No sleep for me… I was literally packing until the taxi arrived at 5. No sleep, and no proper goodbyes… I got to the airport, had some breakfast with the other LIPA Norwegians who were leaving on the same flight (toast with jam has never tasted better), and got on. So. Tired. Luckily, I developed a handy habit of falling asleep instantly on pretty much any type of transportation while I was in college. I was 16, and had to move away from home to study music. 3 hours away to be correct. My dad’s condition for me going was that I would come home every single weekend, and so I did. He was afraid I’d go to parties and do bad things I guess – which I didn’t, but definitely could have done anyway if I wanted to, because partying was not a weekend-only type of event up there. Anyway, as the good girl I am, I spent 3 hours on a bus every single Friday and Sunday, in the dark for most of the year (that’s Norway for ya), and I got so used to sleeping on a bus that ever since then, I have just passed out whenever I sit down in anything that moves. And I always wake up right before I have to get off. So as always I slept for most of the flight, and woke up with a pang as the plane hit the ground. Two 1 hour bus rides, one 30 minutes long bus ride and a 20 minute walk later – dragging 30 kilos of luggage – I arrived at Ida’s house, where I had to squeeze in some rehearsal time before the concert. Intense! I still hadn’t really decided on the setlist for the show, but it’s not like I had much choice in the matter. After all, I was doing it by myself this time, and there is really only 4 of my songs I know well enough to play. So I did 4 of my own songs and one cover; Sacrifice by Anouk. Beautiful song. Strange music video, but beautiful song. =)

SURPRISE…!! I must admit that I wildly underestimated the crowd, and I was both happy and surprised (and terrified!!) to see how many people had actually turned up for the Festival. And that on a pretty cold and windy Friday night. Well done Jevnaker! ❤ I had a great time performing in front of a tent-full of people, and I enjoyed watching the other bands that played. I take my hat off to the arrangers of the Festival! I love coming back to play at home, may they forever keep arranging this in my summer holiday so I can play! YAY for a great night, great atmosphere and a great audience, and for it all going all right despite of the nerves. Plus there is nothing to calm down the nerves like a handwritten letter from your adoooorable four year old niece that says: “Good luck on the concert, you are pretty, from Marte.” Meeeeelt…!!!

Zzzzzz… I really wish I had managed to stay for the last act of the evening, (they looked awesome!), but by the time it was their turn I was so tired I could barely stay sitting up. Even my reserve batteries were running low at that point, and I couldn’t wait to fall into bed and lapse into a coma for like a week. Obviously that didn’t happen, but it felt like it would. Two days and no sleep makes Audrey a dull girl. Or something like that.

Most of the concert was filmed, and I’ll put some videos up at some point,. But for now I’ll leave you with the pictures taken by Øyvind Nordstrøm, one of the beating hearts behind the Festival. Jørn from one of the local newspapers was there as well, and he did an interview with me after the concert. Fun times!

Indeed… So that’s my last couple of days of madness… It is a hectic life we’re making for ourselves, but I love every second of it. I even love the packing I hate, on some level. I know I could have chosen a far easier path, but I like easy even less than packing. I’m too restless for easy, I wouldn’t cope. Phil was right. Through all its challenges, the life we are making for ourselves is, indeed, very likable. I like likable.

Audrey xxxx

A fragile and fleeting thing

The day is here – First-year is over. It is so incredibly weird, and totally awesome! I kinda feel like I haven’t stressed enough though. That everything has gone too smoothly. This time last year I was panicking, working my ass off to get the piles of work done in time. This year, I’ve pretty much been on top of things, and not even the Production task got me down (once I got started on it). And now I can just lean back and relax for 3 months…!

Starting NOW!;-P

Not quite true though, is it… The truth is, I can’t wait to get started on my second year, and I know it’s gonna be a great one. I’m finally gonna put that band together and start gigging in Liverpool, and I will hopefully be releasing an acoustic E.P. before christmas – and this time I actually believe in it, because I have started planning it already. I’m super exited about everything that’s gonna happen in the next year, with the music, the new house, the new flat-mates… But also, I’m very exited about the next few months. I’m going home on Friday morning, I’m playing a concert in Jevnaker on Friday evening, I’ve got more videos from the Café Sør gig on the way, and over the summer I’m gonna be teaching, going to France, and hanging out with some of the best people in the world. I am one lucky girl.

If this was to end right now, I’d go with a grateful smile…

I hope not;-P

Once again, I’m making pancakes for dinner, and once again I’m full from munching on the batter before the pancakes are even finished. Will I ever grow up??


...I hope not ;-P

Greetings from Auto-tune central

Back from the dead… Bet you were wondering where I had gone now, ey? Well, I haven’t died – I’ve simply had better things to do. Kidding, obviously, cause one day of silence hardly qualifies as worrying absence, plus, what could possibly be better than rambling on to you lovely people about my life and workings…! ;-P

Busy bee… On a more serious note, I have been quite busy the last few days, and the next few look just as busy. I need to finish my last two first-year assignments this weekend – an essay and a Professional Development action plan for the beginning of second-year – and also, my cousin is in Liverpool for the weekend with four mates, and I’m meeting them later for drinks. Should be fun!

Diversity & opportunities… One of the many great things about studying at LIPA, is that you get the chance to be a part of so many different projects, and the opportunity to do so many  random things you wouldn’t normally do. Step out of your comfort zone, so to speak. Last year, I was among other things part of a musical and a gospel choir, and I did vocals on a Remix of “You’ve Got The Love” for a mate’s project (The recording of that is in the ‘Music’ section on this site, under ‘Other projects’). For this year’s ensemble performance, I sang a bunch of 90’s dance songs, and co-wrote the cheesiest pop song ever with the rest of my ensemble. Which brings me straight to the point. Stef wanted to record our pile of cheese for his Production project this week, and I did the vocals for it the other day. Stef and I are pretty much on the same level with music tech, and it probably took us about ten times longer than it should to record a simple verse-chorus-verse-double chorus-cheesy key change-chorus song. I won’t go into detail, but we went through a lot of trouble to record into ProTools because Logic wasn’t co-operating – which, as I later realized, was because we were running the session from a flippin’ MEMORY STICK…!! Serious FacePalm moment right there – we are so retarded…

X-Factor, here we come… Obviously, the second verse lyrics reveals how un-seriously we took this, but we are quite seriously thinking about re-writing that verse and pitching the song to X-Factor or EuroVision or something, cause I think it has just the right amount of cheese for something like that. But you know what, I’ll let you decide for yourself, cause here it is! Haha, enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Lots of luuuv,


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