The Short Story…

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“I always knew I wanted to sing. It just took me a long time (and a royal kick in the butt) to realize I could.”

Norwegian singer/songwriter Audrey Wilsen has, in the last couple of years, landed comfortably in the acoustic pop/folk genre, writing songs about love and life that have a tendensy to get stuck in peoples heads. Taking influences from artists such as Unni Wilhelmsen, Jason Mraz, and Alanis Morissette, she puts herself in the “acoustic pop box”, but she is not in any way locked to one particular genre of music. Her musical past is solid proof of of that, starting in the R&B duo “Shine” at the age of 15.

Getting her first guitar at the age of 10 and her first keyboard at 11, Audrey had tought herself basic chords and notes, and 3 years at a music college in Vinstra gave her the push she needed to really start being creative.

“The time in Vinstra inspired me to dive further into music (…). In the years to come, I started to make songs, not just lyrics and melodies, something which up until then had been my biggest obsticle. I had the vision, the ideas, and now finally a way of making them come to life. I felt like the queen of a whole new world.”

With this under her belt, Audrey spent the following years continuing to grow as a songwriter, musician and performer. Though she enjoyed and learned a lot from the years with Shine, she eventually realized this was not the music she wanted to make. The attraction to soulful, guitar driven folk-pop gradually pulled her away from R&B and into a whole other direction and style of songwriting, and in 2009 she decided to fully focus on her own material.

The urge to learn eventually lead her to the UK and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), where she finished a one year diploma course in Popular Music and Sound Technology in 2010, and where she is now doing a 3 year Bachelor Degree in Music. This has caught the eyes and ears of people at home, and she was recently rewarded a £3,000 cultural scholarship from her home town, as well as a growing amount of coverage in the local radio and newspapers.

Currently in the process of recording her first EP, she is eager to get out there and play her music both for the people at home and in the UK.


This was the short story. For the Long Story, click here

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