Mike Brits Photo shoot

I really really really don’t have time to sit here and blog right now, seeing as I am leaving for Norway tomorrow, and I haven’t finished packing yet. Or tidied my room. Or emptied the fridge. Neither have I checked in, or printed my boarding pass. But I just couldn’t help it – the laptop was RIGHT there and I wanted to share some of the results from the photo shoot I had with Mike yesterday! We had a great, but freezing cold day in Sefton Park, where I had never been before, and in addition to getting some great shots out of it, I got to climb a tree and  get nibbled by a squirrel. But yeah, without further due, here’s five of those great shots, all curtsey of Mike Brits Photography.

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Photo: Mike Brits Photography

Hair & make-up: Vanja Andersen


I hope you like! I have allowed myself to get five more off him, so it’s just a matter of choosing the right ones. But anyway, I need to get back to business. Until next time, as always, remember to Subscribe to this blog (top right corner), follow my Tweets and Like me on Facebook, and drop me a comment or two if you feel like brightening my day… ;-P

Take care, and have a safe drive/flight Home For Christmas! ❤



5 things I look forward to at the moment

  1. Settling into my new flat (and MY OWN ROOM!!)
  2. Having my piano and my guitar at an arms-length reach
  3. Sharing a bathroom with one girl (and not three boys)
  4. Setting foot in LIPA again; for Classes, Creativity, Coffee and Comrades
  5. Teaching Songwriting to the High Schoolers of Jevnaker

Ah, how I love lists. And Comrades.

The dates for the Songwriting workshops are settled, and the plane tickets are booked. I’m going a couple of days early to get some time with family and friends, and do some packing, even though I did most of the packing before I left last time. There’s really not a lot of things I hate doing as much as I hate packing. Especially when it is for this long – I doubt I will be coming home before christmas this time. I’ve been going back and forth so often over the last year, and it’s been nice, but exhausting. Plus, I’m expecting the course to get a lot busier and more intense in second year. And that’s both by default and by choice. You see, a degree like the LIPA one is pretty much as busy as you make it. You choose your own projects, and everything you do is a part of your career and what you want to do. And I’m planning on making this year a busy one. Lots of concerts, an EP, and lots and lots of new material. Like I’ve said before: I can’t wait to get started. 

Seriously, on the last day before the summer holiday, I wasn’t thinking “thank god, finally some time off!” I was thinking “Uh, yeah, I don’t really need this holiday, can we just get on with second-year please…?” Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the time off, once I got used to it. I enjoyed being home, seeing family and friends, traveling… But the thing is, the time “on” isn’t as “on” as a lot of other degrees, and jobs. Am I making any sense? It’s more than a degree, it’s more than a job. My music is my job and my spare time. It’s my life. How can I take a break from my life?? I just felt like I was on such a roll, I felt like the break came too soon and is lasting too long. 4 months. 16 weeks. 115 days. No matter how I look at it, that’s too f*ing long man. Give me my life back!

Yeah, just a little LIPA withdrawal rambling for ya there… 6 days till Liverpool, 24 days till LIPA. See you sooon!!! ❤


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Take care & keep Shining! I love you!



A fragile and fleeting thing

The day is here – First-year is over. It is so incredibly weird, and totally awesome! I kinda feel like I haven’t stressed enough though. That everything has gone too smoothly. This time last year I was panicking, working my ass off to get the piles of work done in time. This year, I’ve pretty much been on top of things, and not even the Production task got me down (once I got started on it). And now I can just lean back and relax for 3 months…!

Starting NOW!;-P

Not quite true though, is it… The truth is, I can’t wait to get started on my second year, and I know it’s gonna be a great one. I’m finally gonna put that band together and start gigging in Liverpool, and I will hopefully be releasing an acoustic E.P. before christmas – and this time I actually believe in it, because I have started planning it already. I’m super exited about everything that’s gonna happen in the next year, with the music, the new house, the new flat-mates… But also, I’m very exited about the next few months. I’m going home on Friday morning, I’m playing a concert in Jevnaker on Friday evening, I’ve got more videos from the Café Sør gig on the way, and over the summer I’m gonna be teaching, going to France, and hanging out with some of the best people in the world. I am one lucky girl.

If this was to end right now, I’d go with a grateful smile…