Art. Love. Local. Video!!

Here’s the video of my first gig in Liverpool; Art Love Local at The Brink on November 10th! Enjoy! =)


We played 4 songs;

(at 00:45:) You (written by Audrey and Julie Lund (with kickinthebutt from Kenneth Hollås) in…2007…?)
(at 05:00:) Free (Written by Audrey (with kickinthebutt from Dan Drumm) in 2011)
(at 08:33:) Like The Wind (Written by Audrey in 2008)
(at 14:04:) With You Gone (Written by Audrey and Tash McCammon in 2009)

With me on stage I had, as you can see, the awesome Obadiah Jones on acoustic guitar and the lovely Ellie Redgrave on backing vocals. We had a great time, and I’m looking forward to playing there (and other places) again real soon! Keep an eye on the Concerts corner of this site for updates about gigs to come! =)


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Take care! ❤


Cover songs & the Soundtrack to our lives

The songs I cannot write… Of course, writing and performing my own songs is what I’m in this game for, what it’s all about. But now and then, I stumble upon a song by another artist that hits me so hard it sort of becomes my own, and that’s when I decide to put a cover song on the set list. Some artists just have a way of writing the songs that I can’t, and sometimes it feels like they were written for me. “Won’t Go Near You Again” by Unni Wilhelmsen is just one of those songs, and that is not the only song Unni, or other artists, have written “for me.”

The Soundtrack to your life… I think this is one of the things that makes music so huge, and so important to so many people. You get a soundtrack to your life, your journeys, your relationships, songs that you can relate to, that describe your very own feelings. They become “Your songs.” And then of course there are the songs that are “yours” because of all the memories attached to them, like this one is to me; “Ageing Superhero” by Newton Faulkner.

You can find the original Ageing Superhero here. Now if Dan and I have “a song,” it would be this one, and it definitely has a special place in my heart. 

What about you? Do you have a song that is “yours?” 

I just wanna make love to you

After a few days of rambling on about other people (amazingly talented and awesome people, might I add), I think it’s about time for a little update on little ol’ me again. Thank you so much for checking in on me, it is so nice to see that I have someone to write for! 😀

Thank you kindly! =)

The end… My vocal assessment is over and done with, and I am very pleased. Looking forward to getting my feedback on Friday! Thanks again Marius, for playing for me. 🙂 Most of my LIPA work for this year is over and done with actually, and there is only a few presentations and a hand-in left before I’m done with first-year! Crazy!

Summer time… I’m going home on the 27th of May, and I might have a couple of gigs lined up over the summer. Nothing certain yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully I will get a nice bunch of singing students over the summer as well – if you are based in Hadeland/Hønefoss and at all interested in getting advice on vocal technique, songwriting and/or the music industry, drop me an e-mail at and I will sort you out! =)

Good times… I rediscovered my old Youtube account the other day, and I just have to share this video with you. It’s terrible quality (and it was 3 years ago, so be gentle on me!), but still fun to have. This is definitely of one of the most fun performances I have ever done, and it is such a cool song to sing! I was gonna sing it again with my ensemble at LIPA before christmas, but devastatingly enough I got ill and couldn’t do it. This video is from the finale of a local talent show called Alfred Song Contest, where I ended up second – 4 votes away from winning £2,500… Now WHY did they have to tell me that?!?? ;-P

I hope you are all well and awesome as always. Enjoy the evening! MUAH!!

Flowers & Love…

So, it’s today again.

8 years went by so fast, and after all this time I still can’t quite comprehend that she is not just a text message away. That I can’t just look her up on Facebook and see what she’s up to these days, or ask her out for a game of catch-up and a cup of coffee should we happen to find ourselves in the same city at the same time. I don’t like it one little bit, but that doesn’t make it any less true. I miss her.

I’m going to share a song with you today, a song it took me 7 years to write. According to my songwriting lecturer, it often takes just about that long to be able to write about big tragedies in your life. You need time to distance yourself, in a way, or at least to get used to… Whatever it is. I’m not sure if we ever really do just that, though.

Those who knew her, will know that there are a bunch of songs already that will forever be hers. But I’m hoping there is room for at least one more. Lars was kind enough to provide me with this video from Café Sør on a very short notice, so thank you so much, Lars!

So… this is for those of us who remember the 10th of May. And for her.

As We Said Goodbye… 

Here we are, without her

Life goes on, without her

But how can I laugh without her?

I don’t want to forget

Her smile is on everybody’s minds

Her laughter is bouncing off the walls 

Her last words are ringing through our ears

As we shed our silent tears


What have you done, you silly girl

Tell me it’s not true

How could you feel that you weren’t good enough for the world

When it was the world that was never good enough for you


Not a word is spoken

We’re still here, but broken

No choice but to sit here, frozen

And try to understand her chosen last steps


What have you done, you silly girl

Tell me it’s not true

How could you feel that you weren’t good enough for the world

When it was the world that was never good enough for you


We stood up and we sang for you, did you hear us?

We broke down and we cried for you, did you see us?

All the flowers and love, did you feel it? 

All we had was your picture

As we said goodbye, singing…

Like The Wind – From Poem to Song (VIDEO live 2010)

The video I’m sharing with you today is another one from the concert I did in my home town in June last year.

This song, Like The Wind, is a bit special to me, because it started out as a poem. I have written a fair bunch of poems in my time, all of which are very free, and most of them have no rhyme or rhythm. Which annoys me a bit, to be perfectly honest. Because even though I do enjoy writing these poems, and they are definitely a part of me to, I always wish I could capture them into a song. Capture the feeling of the poem, the soul of it, if you know what I mean. But that’s hard. The situation I wrote this poem about was too chaotic I guess, too confusing and close to catch and tie down into a song until I’d had some distance. So it stayed a chaotic poem for many years, until finally one day, the song came rushing into my head.

Some of you may have heard the track I uploaded to my Soundcloud player (under “Music” on this site) called “Like The Wind intro (2009)”. Well, that’s the poem. So I’ll include that in this post as well, and you can decide for yourself if you think the song does the poem justice.

So, which one did you prefer..? 😉


Video; Just Press Play live in Norway 2010

Here’s another video from my concert with Becky and Dan in Norway last summer. This song was one of the first songs I wrote on my own in 2008, and it is about living in the moment. Just press play, and put the remote down. 🙂

I don”t really play this one anymore, but I thought I’d put the video out there anyway. I did have some good times with this song. Enjoy! =)

Here’s also a link to the video of my performance in the Norwegian talent show “Stjernedryss” in 2008. It was my first performance of this song, and my first time on stage with a guitar and a band. Fun times! 😀

Video; Radio Interview

In January, I stopped by my friends in Radio Randsfjord to have a chat and to give them the song they have been waiting for. I have always said that the first time I hear my song on the radio will be a huuuge day, and a reason to celebrate. So on the way home from the studio, I stopped and got a cute little bottle of champagne! I popped it when the song came on, and it was definitely a big moment… 🙂

So here it is: Another Song premieres on Norwegian radio, and I talk about the song, LIPA, my blog, why I would never enter X-Factor and my plans for the future. The interview is subtitled in English, and includes the whole song. =)

Video; Orion’s Not The Same In Egypt

This video is from a concert I did in Norway last summer. Dan and Becky came with me to Norway, and in addition to being force fed “PØLSE” all week, they accompanied me on stage at the festival “Liv & Røre” in my home town Jevnaker. It was great to show them a bit of home, and to show home a bit of my new life in the UK.

We also got a lot of buzz in the local media. These photos are (left to right)  from the newspapers Ringerikes Blad, Hadeland and Oppland Arbeiderblad, and I also did a radio interview with “Radio Randsfjord” prior to the concerts. Good times! =)

About the song “Orion”… In 2007, I went to Egypt with my very good friend Milena, and sitting by the Red Sea one night I noticed that the constellation Orion had fallen over. He was laying on his side, in stead of standing tall like he does in Norway. Now, Orion has always been the only constellation I recognized and knew the name of, and ever since I was a little girl it has always been somewhat of a comfort, to be able to look up and find Orion wherever I was. Needless to say, I didn’t travel much as a kid. Anyway, coming to Egypt and realizing that Orion actually wasn’t the same in Egypt was a bit of a shock. I mean, it’s logical, once you think about it, but I had certainly never thought about it before. And so the sentence “Orion’s not the same in Egypt” set root in my head, and I knew I wanted to write a song about it. Still, it took me two years before the song followed, and it took the dreams of a little girl to set it off. I was working as a substitute teacher at a school for a couple of days before I moved to England, and on the last day, I performed my song “Just Press Play” for the high school kids. It was in their English class, so they were asked to ask me questions in english, and it was quite fun. But the best part of it was when this girl, this sweet, sweet girl, came over to me in the break, while I was playing the headmistress’ guitar on the grass. She handed me a crumbled page from her note book, and told me not to read it straight away cause she’d get embarrassed. When I did read it, it touched my heart in a way I can’t explain. It was a song that she had written, and her telling me how she writes songs to and dreams about singing, but she is too shy to do anything about it. I was her once. And I understood. I saw her again as I was waiting for the bus, and I grabbed her, and told her to keep writing, keep singing. I wanted to hug her, tell her that I understand, make sure she’ll never let go. I hope I got through in some way, and that she never lets go. That she’ll get the kick in the butt that I once got, and that she doesn’t back down just because small town life tells her she can’t do it. Cause she can!

Anyway, that crumbled note inspired what ended up being the chords to this song, and later that night, the rest of the song came rushing into my head. And every time I perform it, I think about that girl. If you’re reading this; M, this is for you. And for dreamers everywhere. You can do it! =)

Video; live with This Is Two – and Happy Valentines Day! <3

I have a whole bunch of live videos laying around on my computer, that I just haven’t gotten around to editing yet. The one I’m about to show you, is from a performance I did with This Is Two about a year ago. This Is Two is a Liverpool based, post hardcore band, and they are awesome. Check them out on Myspace, and look for their upcoming EP “For Friends:For Enemies” on iTunes and Spotify in a weeks time.

Anyway, this song, “Won’t Let You Fall”, is very different from the rest of their stuff, but I still like it. It’s a lovely song, and I’m proud to be on it. I hope you enjoy the video. Peace! =)


and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all the lovers out there! 😀

Especially Kristian & Marita, who I just found out apparently got married a couple of days ago!! Congrats guys, and Happy Birthday Kristian! ❤