Humbly For Her…

Another amazing concert with the amazing, the annoyingly talented, the one and the only Unni Wilhelmsen, is over.

08.07.11, Rockefeller, Oslo

No elephant’s memory when starstruck…
What a beautiful person she is. I am always humbled by her presence, and even though I’ve seen her live 3 times now, I always forget half of the things I want to say once I stand there after the show, face to face with her, my hero. This time I even forgot to ask for a picture. I also forgot to tell her hi from my dad. He always asks me to for some reason, and this time I was gonna do it, just to be able to say yes when he asked me afterwards if I had. Which he always does. So if you’re reading this Unni; My dad says hi. ;-P

December 2010

More than music…
Once again, Unni managed to give me a magical night that I will live off for months. Until the next one, probably. Her songs are colourful paintings, and nothing can go wrong in her art gallery. I wish I had her paintbrush. Unni’s concerts are far more than music though. They are stories, magic tales, comedic anecdotes, they are a glimpse of a life. For a couple of hours, she gives you… Her. So honest, and so true.

08.07.11, Rockefeller, Oslo

Once again Unni, THANK YOU… 

Humbly For Her,



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A Friday to remember…


On some days, people and things just annoy me. Everything goes wrong, and everyone gets on my nerves. Today was not one of those days – all though it did kind of start out as one.

I love the unexpected. This morning, on my way to a rehearsal at LIPA, I bumped into Kristian Park, a former LIPA student from Norway. I had no idea he was here, and I was thrilled to hear he was playing tonight at the Leaf. Just to explain how I know this guy, Kristian is actually one of the reasons I came to LIPA in the first place. I went to see him live in Oslo 2 years ago, because I knew some of the guys in his band, and I ended up having some drinks with them after the concert (a concert that blew me right away by the way). Sitting in a kitchen in Oslo, talking to all these ex LIPA students, a close friend of mine (who is also called Kristian, just to add to the confusion) asked me the question that changed EVERYTHING; “Why don’t you apply to LIPA, Audrey?” And that was it. That was what I was supposed to do with myself! A week later, the application and demo cd was sent off to LIPA, and shortly after, I flew out to Liverpool all by my lonesome (on my birthday, might I add) for an audition. Which, as you can guess, went pretty well. And here I am, LOVING it!!

Like I said, today started out as one of those days where everything goes wrong. When you can’t find your wallet and your hair looks shit no matter what you do. And you’re not half as prepared for your ensemble performance as you should be. Ehem. That last one might be a tad too specific for people to relate to. Or not? Aaanyway… After the ensemble concert (which went pretty well by the way – I remembered the lyrics and everything) I went home and made the mistake of sitting down in “The Chair“.

The Day I Got The Chair...

The Chair was my birthday present from Dan & Becky last year, and it is a magical Chair; it sucks you in and casts a spell on you, and you’re lost, LOST I tell ya’…! So of course, I fell asleep, and woke up again at 8, which was when Kristian had said he was playing… I was half afraid I’d missed it, but as I walked up the stairs in LEAF with a coffee mocha, Kristian and his band were just getting ready to play. The TIMING! It was so nice to see him play in Liverpool again, and he did a great concert. As always. I can’t wait for the album to come out this summer! You should check him out on MySpace. Dooo iiit…

Turned out that they were here as a part of something called the Dreamcatcher Tour, where 4 bands from Northern Norway go out and play 4 cities in England. One of the bands had already played when I got there (bugger), but I stayed for the rest of them. Great music, a glass of wine, and peace of mind – I had a magical evening.

The bassist in a couple of the bands (left picture) was epic. I’ve never seen anyone dance that much with any kind of guitar, it was awesome! He put a big phat smile on my face. The last of the Norwegians, Peter Estdahl, was just 18, and such a great artist! Not only was he a great musician, but he was also so comfortable on stage, and in his interaction with the audience. Truly impressed. In addition to all these amazing Norwegians, Dreamcatcher puts a “special guest” on every time, and tonight The Dunwell Brothers Band from Leeds were on last (right picture). They had 3 main vocalists, even the drummer sang a couple of songs (I LOVE drummers who sing!!), and they did lots of lovely harmonies. Also, it was nice to hear some proper good old whaling electric guitar solos again. Such an evening!!

Thank you Kristian! =)

Just to emphasize how great the evening was – and this may not sound like a lot, but it completely made my evening – I give you my list of ten;

10 Reasons why tonight was awesome! 

  1. I was getting change out to pay for my mocha in Leaf, and had exactly £2,20 in my purse. The mocha cost – tamtarataaa – exactly  £2,20.
  2. The artist I came to see started playing 5 minutes after I got there.
  3. All the other artists were very enjoyable.
  4. I got a large glass of white wine, and it was actually really nice. That doesn’t happen every time.
  5. The girl in the bar complimented my purse.
  6. Everybody were so nice at this place!
  7. It was raining pretty heavily during the concert, but when I walked outside – no sign of it.
  8. I had green lights all the way home. On the frequency baby! 😀
  9. When I stopped by BaaBar on the way home, a lot of my friends were there, and I ended up staying for a bit. At one point I found myself in a dance circle with a bunch of people dressed up as old people…! RANDOM!!
  10. My boyfriend came to BaaBar to walk home with me, after doing a big gig in Manchester.

Just little things like this can be enough to turn my whole day around, and that’s exactly what happened tonight. It completely overshadowed the part of the day where I was swearing and yelling because all my necklaces were tangled up, and I couldn’t decide on a dress for the performance, and the flower I put in my hair kept falling out, and I couldn’t find my wallet, or my keys, or my LIPA card, or the cute little black jacket/bolero thing I wanted to wear (did I leave it at yours, Mile…?), and I was late for sound check, and then everything else was late anyway so we didn’t go on until an hour after we were supposed to, and I had to miss out on This Is Two’s big important gig in Manchester because of funds… This may not sound like a lot either, but if you keep focusing on negative things that happen, more negative things will happen. And that’s a terrible frequency to be on.

Now, all I have to do is stay on this frequency. As an attempt of that, I shall give you another List – a List Of Five this time;

5 reasons why tomorrow (Saturday) is gonna be equally awesome!

  1. I can sleep in.
  2. I’m going to a BBQ at my Dolly’s place, to celebrate our birthdays and our general awesomeness.
  3. Dan is making burgers.
  4. I can sleep in. Yes, it’s worth mentioning twice.
  5. It’s my mum’s birthday – of course it will be awesome! Just wish I was there to celebrate it with her.
Me & my Dollyyyy! 3
So, that said, I think Saturday can roll in. I hope you are all having an awesome weekend! Only one thing left to say;

Feel the luuuuv’! <3

A couple of weeks ago, my friend André wrote about me in the music blog “Lydrommet“, which he runs together with some mates in Bergen, Norway. This is what he said:

“Today I thought it appropriate to introduce Audrey Wilsen to you. She was on the same course as me in Liverpool, and has now started on the 3 year Bachelor program at LIPA. If you like music such as Jason Mraz, Unni Wilhelmsen and Alanis Morissette, Audrey’s song “Another Song” will be right up your ally. I was in the studio with her when she recorded the song “Orion’s Not The Same In Egypt”, and it was stuck in the heads of everyone who were present for weeks, just like a good pop song is supposed to. So here is the song “Another Song”, and I wish Audrey good luck in Liverpool! Enjoy!”

It is always nice to see that my music is spreading, and I did notice an increase in plays after this post was published. So thanks for that, André! =)