Darling I Do <3

Finally, I have something new to show you guys!
(I realize what this looks like, but NO, I’m NOT getting married – this is about someone else’s “I Do’s”) ;-P

On Saturday, Dan and I were meant to perform our version of the song ”Darling I Do” by Landon Pigg and Lucy Schwartz in my good old friend Marhú and her now husband (eeek!!) Madalin’s wedding. Sadly, Dan had to go back to Ireland to finish the album he’s recording with his band This Is Two and couldn’t make it. That’s why, before I left the UK a couple of weeks ago, we recorded the song as a surprise for Marhú & Madalin, and in between my duties as Toastmaster I snuck in a few words of my own and played them this recording. I am very glad I got the chance to put my mark on such a lovely day and evening, and I hope their marriage will be just as awesome as the wedding was.

CONGRATS GUYS, and enjoy the honeymoon! ❤



Greetings from Auto-tune central

Back from the dead… Bet you were wondering where I had gone now, ey? Well, I haven’t died – I’ve simply had better things to do. Kidding, obviously, cause one day of silence hardly qualifies as worrying absence, plus, what could possibly be better than rambling on to you lovely people about my life and workings…! ;-P

Busy bee… On a more serious note, I have been quite busy the last few days, and the next few look just as busy. I need to finish my last two first-year assignments this weekend – an essay and a Professional Development action plan for the beginning of second-year – and also, my cousin is in Liverpool for the weekend with four mates, and I’m meeting them later for drinks. Should be fun!

Diversity & opportunities… One of the many great things about studying at LIPA, is that you get the chance to be a part of so many different projects, and the opportunity to do so many  random things you wouldn’t normally do. Step out of your comfort zone, so to speak. Last year, I was among other things part of a musical and a gospel choir, and I did vocals on a Remix of “You’ve Got The Love” for a mate’s project (The recording of that is in the ‘Music’ section on this site, under ‘Other projects’). For this year’s ensemble performance, I sang a bunch of 90’s dance songs, and co-wrote the cheesiest pop song ever with the rest of my ensemble. Which brings me straight to the point. Stef wanted to record our pile of cheese for his Production project this week, and I did the vocals for it the other day. Stef and I are pretty much on the same level with music tech, and it probably took us about ten times longer than it should to record a simple verse-chorus-verse-double chorus-cheesy key change-chorus song. I won’t go into detail, but we went through a lot of trouble to record into ProTools because Logic wasn’t co-operating – which, as I later realized, was because we were running the session from a flippin’ MEMORY STICK…!! Serious FacePalm moment right there – we are so retarded…

X-Factor, here we come… Obviously, the second verse lyrics reveals how un-seriously we took this, but we are quite seriously thinking about re-writing that verse and pitching the song to X-Factor or EuroVision or something, cause I think it has just the right amount of cheese for something like that. But you know what, I’ll let you decide for yourself, cause here it is! Haha, enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Lots of luuuv,


Last finish…

Today, there is a page and a half about me and this blog in the Norwegian newspaper “Hadeland”. If you’re stopping by for the first time because you have seen it, then WELCOME! 😀

I’m a busy bee these days, with the last pile of school work to be handed in tomorrow, still a couple of christmas presents left to buy and 2 days until I go HOME FOR CHRISTMAS for almost 4 weeks!! Everything has gone really well, and I am pretty much on top of things – unlike last year, when all my hand-ins and exams were in January and I spent the whole christmas holiday stressing about it… This year, it’s different. A lot of things are different. But I’m loving it!

I did however have a minor setback a couple of weeks ago, when I was down with the flu (and I mean DOWN, I couldn’t do anything, including, sadly, my ensemble performance which I was devastated about) and spent an entire week in bed with a fever, eating nothing but Ritz crackers. Horrible. I’m fine now, finally, and enjoying the last days in Liverpool with my Lovely. 🙂

Like I said, the Oslo band is in place, and I can’t wait to meet up with them in January to discuss and jam.

Ooh, I have some very exciting news – for me at least. ;-P I have spent the money I got from Sparebank1, and got myself a KORG SP-250 Digital piano, an audio interface which allows me to record it on to my laptop, and Logic studio software! Wuhu! I’m so happy with the piano, and a new song is allready on the way. Too bad I can’t bring it all to Norway with me…!

An early christmas present from Sparebank1 ❤

I got to go now, heading down to town to do what will hopefully be the last of the christmas shopping, before it gets too packed with people. I HATE the queues…!

Take care now, and keep checking in!



Here are the 3 songs I have out on Soundcloud- Just press play and have a listen! =)

Another Song by Audrey Wilsen

Orion’s Not The Same In Egypt by Audrey Wilsen

The First Kiss Hello (Since Goodbye) by Audrey Wilsen

Another Song for youuuuu!! Hope you like! :-D

The day is here – the song is FINISHED. Mixed and ready for your ears. Alex and I spent a lot of time polishing it last night, and finally I have something to show you guys!
So without further due… I give you… :

Another Song.

Audrey Wilsen – Another Song by Audrey Wilsen

I hope you like it! =)

Lyrics & Music: Audrey Wilsen
All instruments: Daniel Drumm
Backing Vocals: Synne Eileen & Katrine Stenbekk
Arranged and produced by Daniel Drumm
Mixed and mastered by Alex Pegington

Who are you??

I wasn’t sure if anyone was actually reading this blog, but when I had a look at the statistics, they said that I have had 1037 views in the last month – by people in USA…! The rest are spread around Great Britain, Norway, Singapore, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Iran, Spain, Germany, Finland, Kenya and Russia… Which is AWESOME!! 😀

So whoever and wherever you are – thank you for making sure I don’t just write to myself. This one’s for you:

The First Kiss Hello (Since Goodbye)

I normally don’t put stuff out unless it is 100 % finished. However, Caesar put this rough version of “The First Kiss Hello” out, and I thought I might as well share it with you guys while we’re waiting for “Another Song.” Just click on the link to listen. Enjoy! =)

All I ever got out of chemistry

I might regret this post… But here’s the deal; I used to be in an R&B group. Boom.

We dreamt big, and I have written a lot of R&B / Hip Hop songs in my time, but they, and we, never got anywhere. That’s why, when I had to record a song for a Sound Recording project at LIPA last year, I decided to brush the dust off of one of my old rap songs. It was the least I could do – I mean, the song has been there, all finished inside my head, since that double lecture in chemistry 8 years ago. I wrote the whole song in that class, and I have always said that’s all I ever got out of chemistry.

Aaanyway… I always knew exactly how I wanted it, but I never had the tools to bring it to life. Well, the opportunity came, and just for fun, and from a tiny little sting of guilt I guess, for moving so far away from that old version of me, I grabbed it. So here it is. A blast from the past, my ode to myself and my forgotten dreams;

Behind Closed Doors.

Enjoy. 😉

Behind Closed Doors by AudreyShine

Lyrics, music and rap vocals: Aud J. Wilhelmsen
Piano and chorus/backing vocals: Becky Godlee
Guitars and bass: Daniel Drumm
Drums: Luis Duhart
Additional vocals: Dani Pedro and Brett Patterson Lehrman
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Aud J. Wilhelmsen and Becky Godlee

In The Mix

Between classes in the LIPA Bar. Like my hat…??

YES! We finally finished the vocals on “Another Song” on Sunday, and I am actually quite happy with the result. I say actually because I am never completely happy with a vocal take – there are always a couple of words or notes that just makes me wanna hide under a table. Which is the main reason for the lack of songs on my Myspace as well. It’s different with live performances, it’s more acceptable to make mistakes than on studio recordings I guess. In the studio, I can do any line over again if I’m not happy with the first take, and that makes me such a perfectionist. But yeah, this time nothing bothers me enough for it to matter, and I am looking forward to putting it up for you guys to have a listen! I do hope to have it up within the next couple of days. It is being mixed at the moment, and Alex is doing it all on his own time, which he doesn’t have a lot of… So understandably enough, it is taking a while.

Exiting things are going on in Liverpool. For my Practical Project this year I am recording an E.P. and arranging a concert/mini tour, and I am working on putting a band together for that. Of course I have the acoustic guitar already – Dan is an obvious member of the band. So now I need to look for the rest of them; drums, bass, electric guitar, keys, and strings. It’s all about finding the right people. I do miss Luis and Karina from last year, it’s a real shame they’re not here this year. They did wonders on With You Gone! But I’m sure I will find some great musicians – LIPA is FULL of them!! 😀

It has started to snow in Norway!! 😀 I am going there next weekend, to watch my sister perform in an opera show, so I hope the snow stays until then. Dan is coming with me as well, and it would be nice to show him what Norway is REALLY about…! The thought of snow brings thoughts of christmas… Yesterday I heard Maria Mena’s brand new christmas song “Home For Christmas”, and it made me want to buy my plane ticket right away! It is such a beautiful song. I’m gonna leave you with the Youtube link, and if you want you can download the song on iTunes, along with the rest of her amazing music. I have! =)

Enjoy, and have a good evening!

Lots of luuuuv,