Audrey Wilsen @ Urørt

To my Norwegians out there;

Just to let you know I am now back on NRK Urørt. Click on the picture to have a look! =)

“Living their lives at LIPA”

I managed to stick my big head in “Ringerikes Blad” (the local newspaper at home) again, and here’s the result of a nice day with Anne Gro Christensen in Liverpool. Not a good day for wearing heels – I look massive next to Monica and Eileen…! Haha…;-P

Anne Gro was in Liverpool for the weekend to write about Monica’s musical “Bucuresti”, and she decided to do an interview with all us “locals”. We had a nice chat over a coffee in the LIPA bar, and talked about our life as music students in “the ‘Pool”. Thanks, Anne Gro! =)

Today’s numbers:

Help me raise the numbers…? 😉


Feel the luuuuv’! <3

A couple of weeks ago, my friend André wrote about me in the music blog “Lydrommet“, which he runs together with some mates in Bergen, Norway. This is what he said:

“Today I thought it appropriate to introduce Audrey Wilsen to you. She was on the same course as me in Liverpool, and has now started on the 3 year Bachelor program at LIPA. If you like music such as Jason Mraz, Unni Wilhelmsen and Alanis Morissette, Audrey’s song “Another Song” will be right up your ally. I was in the studio with her when she recorded the song “Orion’s Not The Same In Egypt”, and it was stuck in the heads of everyone who were present for weeks, just like a good pop song is supposed to. So here is the song “Another Song”, and I wish Audrey good luck in Liverpool! Enjoy!”

It is always nice to see that my music is spreading, and I did notice an increase in plays after this post was published. So thanks for that, André! =)


Video; Radio Interview

In January, I stopped by my friends in Radio Randsfjord to have a chat and to give them the song they have been waiting for. I have always said that the first time I hear my song on the radio will be a huuuge day, and a reason to celebrate. So on the way home from the studio, I stopped and got a cute little bottle of champagne! I popped it when the song came on, and it was definitely a big moment… 🙂

So here it is: Another Song premieres on Norwegian radio, and I talk about the song, LIPA, my blog, why I would never enter X-Factor and my plans for the future. The interview is subtitled in English, and includes the whole song. =)

Last finish…

Today, there is a page and a half about me and this blog in the Norwegian newspaper “Hadeland”. If you’re stopping by for the first time because you have seen it, then WELCOME! 😀

I’m a busy bee these days, with the last pile of school work to be handed in tomorrow, still a couple of christmas presents left to buy and 2 days until I go HOME FOR CHRISTMAS for almost 4 weeks!! Everything has gone really well, and I am pretty much on top of things – unlike last year, when all my hand-ins and exams were in January and I spent the whole christmas holiday stressing about it… This year, it’s different. A lot of things are different. But I’m loving it!

I did however have a minor setback a couple of weeks ago, when I was down with the flu (and I mean DOWN, I couldn’t do anything, including, sadly, my ensemble performance which I was devastated about) and spent an entire week in bed with a fever, eating nothing but Ritz crackers. Horrible. I’m fine now, finally, and enjoying the last days in Liverpool with my Lovely. 🙂

Like I said, the Oslo band is in place, and I can’t wait to meet up with them in January to discuss and jam.

Ooh, I have some very exciting news – for me at least. ;-P I have spent the money I got from Sparebank1, and got myself a KORG SP-250 Digital piano, an audio interface which allows me to record it on to my laptop, and Logic studio software! Wuhu! I’m so happy with the piano, and a new song is allready on the way. Too bad I can’t bring it all to Norway with me…!

An early christmas present from Sparebank1 ❤

I got to go now, heading down to town to do what will hopefully be the last of the christmas shopping, before it gets too packed with people. I HATE the queues…!

Take care now, and keep checking in!



Here are the 3 songs I have out on Soundcloud- Just press play and have a listen! =)

Another Song by Audrey Wilsen

Orion’s Not The Same In Egypt by Audrey Wilsen

The First Kiss Hello (Since Goodbye) by Audrey Wilsen