New Website!

Like I have mentioned to you guys before, I have been working on creating an official Audrey Wilsen website with Mike Brits lately. We have been discussing a few different ideas and designs, and after a lot of back and forth (sorry Mike) we’ve landed on a nice little something that I am very happy with. So from now on, all updates, videos and songs will be posted on the new website (click the picture above or go directly to the blog), and this blog will no longer be active. Thanks for the company so far, I hope you will keep following me in the exciting time to come!

Lots of love,



Confession: My new baby <3

I am currently sitting very comfortably in a cosy living room in York, looking out the window at the wind. So relaxed, this was such a good choice for the weekend after a long, stressful, super hectic week! I’m writing the last part of my Context essay, due on Thursday, and actually enjoying it. The essay task is Analyzing myself and my own promotional material in the context of genre – it’s hard, but very very interesting! Right this second I’m obviously taking a little blogging break, to come with a little confession. Visiting my boyfriend’s family was the reason for coming here this weekend, but not the only reason… Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I said I had made the mistake of trying my friend James’ electric guitar and I was in love? That I really wanted an electric guitar now? Well… Something was indeed waiting for me when I arrived last night…

Could it be…

It could!

Needless to say, Audrey is a very happy camper! How SEXY is this guitar!!! Ghaaah…

Yeah yeah yeah, so I’m a massive poser. What else is new?

It’s so new and shiny and awesome, and I can’t wait to get back and try it out properly in my room. Now I really have an incentive to get better at playing! It’s coming home with me for christmas as well, it’s even getting its own boarding pass – Meet Mr. Extra Item Seat! Haha, no, that’s not me being ridiculous, you can actually get an extra seat for guitars etc. and they require you to print off a boarding pass in that name. Point is: Happy days. That is all. ;-P

I hope you are all well and not too stressed out about christmas and everything that comes with it. I am embracing it to the full these days – I had a bunch of friends over for a cookie baking night on Thursday and it was such a good night! It’s my December 1st tradition, I always make a dough the size of my head on November 30th and have people over the next day.


So nice! ❤


Anyway, I should get back to my essay, so until next time, as always, remember to Subscribe to this blog (top right corner), follow my Tweets and Like me on Facebook, and drop me a comment or two if you feel like brightening my day… ;-P

Take care, and enjoy December in all it’s lovely madness! ❤


Art. Love. Local. Photos! =)

On Thursday, November 11th, I did my first proper gig with the mini band (minus Laura). It was at a night called “Art. Love. Local.” at The Brink, a lovely dry bar in Parr Street. The atmosphere was amazing, and the audience was absolutely beautiful. Especially my girls on the front row, who came down to see me even though they were all ill and knackered. ❤ Much love ❤

In addition to my own gig, I also performed with (half of) the band I, Volatile, and enjoyed some wonderful performances by artists such as Joe, Ellie & Moorea and The James Whitehouse Band, who are all in a picture or two below. All in all it was a great night, ‘big up’ to the hearts & heads behind Art. Love. Local. for having me! And of course, to Ellie and Obadiah, thank you so much for being awesome! ❤

Here are some of the photos from the night, courtesy of Allegra Whitehouse Photography.


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I have so much to blog about…!

It’s been crazy busy in Audrey land the last couple of weeks, hence the absence… I’ve rehearsed, gigged, had lots of awesome coffee with lots of awesome people, knitted, started going to hot yoga, had a wannabe mohawk for an evening while playing piano in a rock band… Busy busy times! I will get to all of that, promise – I even have pics & a video (and great memories) of my first gig that I’m dying to share with you all! But for now, I’m gonna leave you with a little bit of fun, at least I think so. I shamelessly stole this from my favorite blogger, but only because I loved the idea. So here’s a bunch of random lists, because I felt like listing things. Feel free to share a list or two of your own in the Comments! I like lists. =)

Some of my favorite bands right this second:
Some new, some old, some re-discovered;

  • Bon Iver
  • Everything Everything
  • Kings Of Convenience
  • Noah And The Whale

Random things I’ve done:

  • Rapped in a Bunad (Norway’s National Costume) on stage
  • Had cognac with Wu Tang Clan (and I’ve got the pho-tos to prove it. But they’re ugly, so I won’t post them.)
  • Been hollered at in New Jersey
  • Been shat on at Liberty Island
  • Gone scuba diving in Jamaica, even though I am kind of scared of water (even swam through a ship wreck…!)
  • Been in an R&B group

Things I’m excited about:

  • Concerts to be played
  • Songs to be written
  • Friends to meet
  • Christmas
  • Marit Larsen’s new album
  • The upcoming photoshoot with Mike Brits, and the website he’s making for me

Things I miss:

  • Living with cats (buhuuuu!)
  • Norwegian chocolate
  • Too many people to name ❤
  • This guy:

Things I care about a whole deal:

  • Kids (they are amazing.)
  • Knowing the industry I hope to be a part of (The Big Bad Wolf known as The Music Industry)
  • Lyrics
  • Justice and open-mindedness

Things I don’t really care about at all:

  • Football
  • A tan
  • Who Justin Beiber is dating (and how to spell his name. It’s either right, or it’s not. I could have looked it up – but I don’t care.)

And finally, my favorite list of Things; These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Creating music
  • Performing
  • Being an Auntie
  • Chinese food
  • Owls
  • Awesome people
  • Life
  • Krispy Creme Donuts
  • Hot yoga
  • Homemade hats
  • iPods full of new(ly discovered) music
  • Lists

Any surprises there…?


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Take care! ❤


Happiness is a journey, not a destination

I know a few people who would shake their heads at this, and they are probably the people who could use some perspective…

Ever since I found this postcard in the gift shop at the New York Library a couple of years ago, it has been hanging on my wall to remind me. Because it’s so easy to loose track of things, to fall into a thought pattern that is far from productive. Too many people wait their lives away, leaving no time to enjoy where they’re at. Then realizing, when they get there (wherever “there” is): Now what??

I refuse to be a NowWhat-person. Now What is almost as bad as What If.


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Take care! ❤


Musical intercourse under the stars

Between Thursday and Sunday, I saw around 20 live performances, by around 20 amazing bands and artists. And most of them I am lucky enough to consider my friends.

It kind of underlines my whole reason to be here, or, indeed, my whole reason to be. Live music is, to me, what it is all about. Recording is fun to, and not many things can beat the feeling of creating a new song, but there’s just something about those performances… To be a part of those magical moments, where a song is played in a way it will never ever be played again, and it’s happening right before your eyes and ears. It’s as intimate as sex, and as personal as prayer. To me, anyway. You probably have your own relationship with music, because we all do.

These pictures are from the acoustic night at Moorea’s house on Saturday – an absolute enchanting evening. It all happened in her back garden, under the stars, with candles, blankets, pillows, food and hot chocolate, and lots of people got up and played. Even I did a couple of tunes with Obadiah and Ellie, who to my great joy is as spontaneous as me! It was great to test the new song live, and I am getting more and more excited about creating more magical little moments with the whole band in the time to come. ❤

I want to share some of this amazing music with you guys, so here’s a list of most of the acts who together made my weekend absolutely magical, with links to their music. Sadly, it is hard to recreate the magic on record, but I reckon most of them manages just fine. There is a lot of different genres and styles in there; everything from R&B Diva vocals to the softest acoustic folk and the heavier rock. So I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Enjoy! ❤


Until next time, remember to Subscribe to this blog (top right corner), follow my Tweets and Like me on Facebook, and I might put the video of us performing Free up… MIGHT… ;-P

Take care! ❤


Thursday: The Leaf, Bold Street

  • Ian Dunn – Awesome acoustic guitar pop
  • Hedda Aronsen – “Don’t come any closer now.. You’re making this harder than it already is…”
  • Caroline Ailin – Putting a new electronical vibe to her Songwriter Pop/R&B.
  • Fabienne Holloway – BIG voice.
Friday: The 2be, LIPA, and Zanzibar, Seel Street.
  • Sophie Cooke – Amazing melodies this one, and a great voice.
  • Coffee And Cakes For Funerals – The vocalist sang me into a puddle. Meeeelt…! I can not remember the last time a voice impressed me this much. He has the head voice, the chest voice, the falsetto, the dynamics, the thrills, everything! Sigh…
  • Robert Mulder – Canadian wordsmith and cool guy.
  • James Whitehouse Band – They get better every time I see them.
  • Some terrible terrible band that made my ears (and soul) cry…!
  • Katrine Stenbekk – bringing Norwegian folk into her pop.
Saturday: Acoustic night at Moorea’s
  • Alec Brits – The South African DRUMMER who sang us warm.
  • Orian – a straight up cool girl with straight up cool tunes.
  • Synne Eileen – My Girl. ❤
  • Moorea Masa & Ellie Redgrave
  • Jørgen
  • Will
  • Daniel Ross
  • Helen Morrisson
Sunday: Mojo

5 things I look forward to at the moment

  1. Settling into my new flat (and MY OWN ROOM!!)
  2. Having my piano and my guitar at an arms-length reach
  3. Sharing a bathroom with one girl (and not three boys)
  4. Setting foot in LIPA again; for Classes, Creativity, Coffee and Comrades
  5. Teaching Songwriting to the High Schoolers of Jevnaker

Ah, how I love lists. And Comrades.

The dates for the Songwriting workshops are settled, and the plane tickets are booked. I’m going a couple of days early to get some time with family and friends, and do some packing, even though I did most of the packing before I left last time. There’s really not a lot of things I hate doing as much as I hate packing. Especially when it is for this long – I doubt I will be coming home before christmas this time. I’ve been going back and forth so often over the last year, and it’s been nice, but exhausting. Plus, I’m expecting the course to get a lot busier and more intense in second year. And that’s both by default and by choice. You see, a degree like the LIPA one is pretty much as busy as you make it. You choose your own projects, and everything you do is a part of your career and what you want to do. And I’m planning on making this year a busy one. Lots of concerts, an EP, and lots and lots of new material. Like I’ve said before: I can’t wait to get started. 

Seriously, on the last day before the summer holiday, I wasn’t thinking “thank god, finally some time off!” I was thinking “Uh, yeah, I don’t really need this holiday, can we just get on with second-year please…?” Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the time off, once I got used to it. I enjoyed being home, seeing family and friends, traveling… But the thing is, the time “on” isn’t as “on” as a lot of other degrees, and jobs. Am I making any sense? It’s more than a degree, it’s more than a job. My music is my job and my spare time. It’s my life. How can I take a break from my life?? I just felt like I was on such a roll, I felt like the break came too soon and is lasting too long. 4 months. 16 weeks. 115 days. No matter how I look at it, that’s too f*ing long man. Give me my life back!

Yeah, just a little LIPA withdrawal rambling for ya there… 6 days till Liverpool, 24 days till LIPA. See you sooon!!! ❤


Until next time, please remember to subscribe to my blog (top right corner of this page), “be-fan” me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, and I will make sure to keep you up to date on what’s going on with me and my music. And please keep commenting, I love hearing from you! =) 

Take care & keep Shining! I love you!



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