Confession: My new baby <3

I am currently sitting very comfortably in a cosy living room in York, looking out the window at the wind. So relaxed, this was such a good choice for the weekend after a long, stressful, super hectic week! I’m writing the last part of my Context essay, due on Thursday, and actually enjoying it. The essay task is Analyzing myself and my own promotional material in the context of genre – it’s hard, but very very interesting! Right this second I’m obviously taking a little blogging break, to come with a little confession. Visiting my boyfriend’s family was the reason for coming here this weekend, but not the only reason… Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I said I had made the mistake of trying my friend James’ electric guitar and I was in love? That I really wanted an electric guitar now? Well… Something was indeed waiting for me when I arrived last night…

Could it be…

It could!

Needless to say, Audrey is a very happy camper! How SEXY is this guitar!!! Ghaaah…

Yeah yeah yeah, so I’m a massive poser. What else is new?

It’s so new and shiny and awesome, and I can’t wait to get back and try it out properly in my room. Now I really have an incentive to get better at playing! It’s coming home with me for christmas as well, it’s even getting its own boarding pass – Meet Mr. Extra Item Seat! Haha, no, that’s not me being ridiculous, you can actually get an extra seat for guitars etc. and they require you to print off a boarding pass in that name. Point is: Happy days. That is all. ;-P

I hope you are all well and not too stressed out about christmas and everything that comes with it. I am embracing it to the full these days – I had a bunch of friends over for a cookie baking night on Thursday and it was such a good night! It’s my December 1st tradition, I always make a dough the size of my head on November 30th and have people over the next day.


So nice! ❤


Anyway, I should get back to my essay, so until next time, as always, remember to Subscribe to this blog (top right corner), follow my Tweets and Like me on Facebook, and drop me a comment or two if you feel like brightening my day… ;-P

Take care, and enjoy December in all it’s lovely madness! ❤


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