I’m back I’m back I’m back!!

Jammin' in my room with Hanna, Eileen and Nina. And Iselin, who was taking the picture. I ❤ my life.

The time has come; I’m back in Liverpool, back at LIPA, back on WordPress… Back in my world, so to speak, and it feels great! Sadly, I’m not properly back online yet as we have no internet in the flat for another week or so, which is partly why I’ve been so quiet. That, and obviously the busy nature of the last few weeks – it’s been CRAZY!! Between sorting the new flat out, doing songwriting workshops in Norway (I promise I’ll do a post about that later) and preparing for the new LIPA year, I haven’t had time for much else lately… But now it’s finally starting to get back to just the right amount (and the right kind) of busy. I’m starting to get the taste of my new day to day, and it is YUMMY!! The flat is looking awesome, my new flatmates are just adorable and being back at LIPA ROCKS!! I’m a secondyear now!! I feel so big and important!! ;-P

I could go on all day about how happy I am to be back and the all the awesomeness that has filled the last few weeks, but I will leave that for another post another day and move on to The News… Because I do have some proper news this time! Are you excited?? Thought so. ;-P

So I have fiiiiinally kicked myself royally in the ass and started the process of finding The Band – also known as The People Who Are Going To Join Me On Stage All Over Liverpool And Help Me Make My Music Awesome. So far I have gotten replies from and spoken to a nice little bunch of people, and I have a very good feeling about them! I am actually moving into a somewhat different direction with my music these days (more about that later), and I feel like I’ve found some of the people who can help me find that new sound. The first un-official rehearsal will take place next week, and all though there is no reason to state the obvious, I’m just gonna put it out there: I am super excited!!! 😀
I will announce the band members properly as they are confirmed Members Of Staff, and introduce them with a nice little photo and stuff. Good fun!

New photos:
I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a sick amount of talented people in many different fields, in and through LIPA. One of them is the awesome photographer Mike Brits, who has agreed to do my next promo pictures for me. Mike is based in Liverpool and has done photos for a lot of my LIPA friends already. I love his work, and I’m looking forward to working with him! You should all check him out and Like his Facebook page (Mike Brits Photography).:)

I’ll show the blog some proper luv’ again soon, promise. Tonight I just really wanted to update you all on the band situation and stuuuuff.

Until next time, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, follow me on twitter and Like me on Facebook. That would make me very very happy. I might even do a little dance, just for you.

I love you guys!


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