5 Reasons why today is awesome!

  1. My boyfriend made me breakfast before I woke up properly.
  2. I’m drinking one of my fabulous coffee mochas.
  3. I’m going to a bbq party with lots of people I don’t know.
  4. (News from Norway:) My youngest nephew said his first word today!
  5. I’m one day closer to Liverpool.
I love lists. I love shopping lists, I love to-do-lists (I also love ticking things off these lists – sometimes I put stuff I’ve already done on there only to get the pleasure of ticking them off) and most of all I love lists like this. Lists that make you think about how awesome your life really is. Cause sometimes you forget. Sometimes you get stuck in a circle where all you can think about is all the things that go wrong, and you end up saying “fml” (an expression I never use btw – I find it so ridiculous to say “fuck my life” just because you can’t find your keys or something stupid like that) and in stead of getting on with your day and your life you mope and sulk and have yourself a terrible, stinking little poo of a day. Don’t get distracted by the “you” here – I do this to. Part from the fml bit.

I guess my little words of wisdom here today, are these:

Don’t forget how awesome your life really is.

So, who’s got a list for me then? Go on, let’s hear it:

5 reasons why YOUR day is awesome. Looking forward to it! 😀


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Take care & keep Shining! I love you!



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