…And so, the world moves on.

And, I guess, so should I.
This is not the place for political discussions and too much seriousness – this blog is, and shall be, about the music. So I will try my best to poke a hole in the bubble I’ve been living in for the last week, and get back to some kind of “normal,” whatever that means anymore. Some things just require a whole new definition of “normal,” and this is one of those things. I’m sure I will find it eventually. Or create it. Before I do that though, let me just say that though I am heartbroken and shocked, I am at the same time incredibly proud of my country after the last week. I have never loved Norway more than I do now.

Taking Oslo back…
What I will do, to mark my passage back into reality so to speak (lame, I know), is show you my own pictures of all the Flowers & Love that was Oslo this weekend. It felt so good, and right, to get some quality time in Oslo again. To “take it back,” as so many people have said before me (Juliiii!). I went in on Saturday for the Memorial concert in Oslo Cathedral, and Marita, Sunni, Mel, mini-Mel and myself enjoyed the wonderful concert from Youngstorget, a square near by. The sun was completely on our side, it was amazing! You can watch the whole concert here.

Like it never happened…
It was kind of weird to sit there on the ground, in the heart of Oslo, watching the concert and at the same time looking straight up at the buildings surrounding the square. Most of them still have broken windows, as the only visible proof that any of it ever happened. In a few weeks most of those windows will probably be put back in. Another piece of visual evidence, are all the flowers everywhere. People are still coming to Oslo from all over the country to put down flowers and show their sympathy, and, I can imagine, to try to get some kind of personal closure.

On and on, the way it must…
It’s been a heavy week in our corner of the world, in every way, but the world keeps spinning wether we like it or not. And the only thing we can do is enjoy the ride, even when it’s going a bit fast for our liking. So here’s me, taking Oslo back. Enjoy. ❤

Flowers & Love, Oslo 2011


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Take care & keep Shining! I love you!



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