…And the award for Best Boyfriend EVER goes to…

June 6th: WTF???
My friend Charit sends me the following text: “Right, the date for the big summer party is set. Location is top secret. Don’t have any plans between the 6th and the 8th of July. Pack less than 10 kilos in a suitcase (2 bikinis, skirts, shorts etc), and be ready at 1 pm. You will be picked up at yours. Don’t discuss details with anyone; people aren’t supposed to try to figure out who else is going.”

July 5th: Iiiiiiiik…!!! 
I am freakin’ out. I hate packing, and this time I don’t even know what the hell I’m packing for…! I spend hours and hours, while on Skype with Dan, packing and cursing and completely falling apart. Where the hell am I spending the next couple of days?? Who the hell am I spending them with?? And how the hell am I gonna have time to pack for the UK before Monday???

July 6th: Road Trip!! 
The Big C picks me up in his car, and off we go. At this point I have been told that we are getting a boat from Sandefjord to some island, but that we are stopping by the airport first to pick up a friend of his called Kim who’s joining us from Stavanger or something. Other than that, I have no idea what we’re doing and who we’re meeting, and I’m not believing anything Charit says after he tried to scare me with both paragliding and rafting. I am not in the best mood in the world – all this packing and uncertainty has made me feel physically ill, and I didn’t exactly get a good night sleep that night… Still, I am kind of starting to look forward to whatever it is he has planned and actually starting to enjoy myself on this road trip to whatever.

But then…
We pull up outside Torp Airport, and I’m prepared to meet some friend of Charit’s I’ve never met before. While all this is going on, I’m getting texts from Dan, who is on a train to see his family in York. Imagine my surprise (surprise, shock, horror, extacy) when we stop outside Torp airport and there is no Kim, but DAN comes walking out..! Surpriiiise!! 

Well played, guys, well played…
Basically, Dan had been planning this for over a month, and I literally had no idea until I saw him walking out of that airport building. He had teamed up with Charit, my parents and some of my other friends, and the cover stories were so detailed…! The whole summer party thing? Bullshit. There was no summer party. And when Charit was “calling Kim” from the car to let him know we were late, he was actually talking to Dan – trying to get across to the poor Englishman in Norwegian when we would be there. Kim never existed. Lord… It was the best surprise ever, and I couldn’t believe he was actually there. I hadn’t seen him since the end of May, making it the longest we’ve ever been apart, and I wasn’t supposed to see him until yesterday when I went to Liverpool.

And the award for Best Boyfriend EVER goes to…

MY one. The guy in the back there, lookin’ all pleased with himself. With GOOD REASON!

Awards in other categories include:

Best Cover Story/Best Actor in a Supporting Role/Best Assistant Director/Best Bullshitter:

Best Dog in a Supporting Role:

Best Actress in a Supporting Role/Just Best:

Best Playing Along:

And finally, Best Clueless Bastard Of The Year:

…Yours truly. I feel tricked, naive and pretty stupid… But in a good way! We had a great few days of chillaxin’ in Norway before the Days of Doom (also known as moving) in Liverpool, and now we’re in York for a few days before we head off to France on Saturday. Can’t wait! More about that later, it’s time for a sandwich. Or something. Mama’s hungry.

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Take care & keep Shining! I love you!



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  1. Mile
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 17:39:43

    Muahahahaha 😀


  2. Danonymous
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 17:41:16

    No sweat 😉


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