Annoyingly f*ing amazing…

Heroes… You know those people who are just annoyingly talented? Those people who both inspire you, because they remind you of how amazing music can be and why you love it so much, and sometimes discourage you, because they make you realize how far you have yet to go before you will even get close to their level?

Going on and on, the way it must… Yesterday’s post made me go on a Unni Wilhelmsen Youtube mission, and to my delight, a lot of performances have found their way to Youtube since I last checked. Jeeezes, she is amazing… Like, so much it hurts to listen to. People are probably getting sick of me going on and on about Unni Wilhelmsen, but seriously, check out these videos and you will know why she is my hero(in). If not, then you’re just immune to, well, emotions. Seriously, WATCH THEM, watch them ALL!!!

First out: Space Opera. So cool. Is it just me, or does the drummer look a lot like Jay Mohr…?


One of the songs I couldn’t write: Secret.


This next song, Orange, is a song I have performed a couple of times myself. Maybe a bit weird of me to pick that one, considering how specific it is, but for me it was the feeling of it as well as the fun and playful melody that drew me in.


The one and only Won’t Go Near You Again. This has been the soundtrack to pretty much all my breakups. I never did learn though. Until that last one. 


Unni does covers as well: Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell is definitely Hers…


Unni in Norwegian (in Dublin!) and with the coolest guitar (and guitar playing) ever:


Crossing fingers and toes… I also just found out that she’s doing another Rockefeller gig in July, miraculously enough while I’m still in Norway, and if I don’t get to go I will seriously cry myself to sleep for the rest of the year. Milena…?? ;-P

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