Back online!!!

Warning: This post is a result of boredom, and will not give you anything. It is completely pointless. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya’! ;P


Hurray!! Super-Uncle came and fixed the internet in our house today!!

No cape or tights, but Super Duper none the less. So now I can go back to being a slave to my laptop. I’m still glad I went to my sister’s yesterday though, cause we got to hang out, and I got a lot of stuff done. But I’m not gonna say what, cause some of it is Top Secret.

Right now I’ve got my boyfriend on Skype in the background, but muted, cause he’s listening to music. But he keeps disappearing, and I keep seeing the chair move with no one in it. Hmm…

It’s hard work sitting in front of your computer for hours. You get hungry. So I had to make myself a little something.

Look, it’s a “lompe” – which you will have no clue what is, so I’ll have to explain it, won’t I… Fine… It’s like a fajita, but smaller, and softer, and made from potatoes. We use lompe for hot dogs (PØLSE!!), in stead of buns, but I sometimes (like riiight now) eat lompe with butter and sugar. Delicious!
Do not mistake “lompe” for the word “rompe” though, which means bum. My boyfriend became very popular with my then 5 year-old nephew because he said “pølse I rompe” at the family bbq last summer. Oskar still talks about that…

Kids think a lompe is made by driving over a potato with a steamroller. That’s because grown-ups don’t know how they’re made and don’t want to loose face when they’re asked. Cause grown-ups are supposed to know everything. And stuff. A famous blogger in Norway (yeah, a famous blogger… But she’s actually funny, and not retarded, so I get why she’s famous) eats nothing but lompe, and I doubt she even puts butter and sugar on it. Sounds a bit boring (and worrying) to me. Too much awesome food in the world!!

Oh my, now there’s another guy in his chair!

Sigh. The piano is staring at me. Just look at it.

I should probably give it some love. Enough about lompe and Super-men – Music calls. Maybe I should write a song about haunted chairs.

This must be the most pointless post ever blogged. Except from this one maybe. But I entertained myself for a little while, so screw it.

By the way, here’s a picture of me that my 3 year-old nephew took yesterday:

See ya! 😛

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