Like, does he have a car?

Summer is here! 😀 So far the weather hasn’t been great,  but I have every hope that that will turn aaany day now. As for holiday plans I have far too many, but still no real overview over when stuff is happening. All I know for sure is that I’m going here for a week in July with my Lovely and his family:

Why guilty…?? Other than that, I know that some time within the next 3 months I’m working for a few weeks at my sister’s office, doing a little mini high school tour to recruit some singing students, going to one of my best friends wedding (when did we get so OLD!?!??) and seeing Bon Jovi live with my sisters. Yes, Bon Jovi. Apparently that’s what you might call a “guilty pleasure.” Now what the hell is wrong with Bon Jovi?? Look me in the eyes and tell me this isn’t a beautiful song! And that mr. Jon Bon isn’t a gorgeous, gorgeous man… Sigh (and drool)…


Maybe baby… Also, I might be going to Amsterdam for a few days (if I’m a good girl;-)), and I might have a gig in Drammen – to be announced. And I will hopefully be writing lots of songs and playing lots of piano, thanks to my girl Ida, who is kind enough to lend me her piano over the summer. THANKS, DIDA! But before all of this, this awesome girl is coming to visit from the UK on Friday:


Weekend of awesome… By some awesome coincident, “The Oslo Day Of Music” is happening while she is here, which means that we will be able to catch a shitload of free concerts around town all day Saturday. And the honorable James Whitehouse is in town to, so I’m guessing there will be plenty of hanging. And to all my Oslo peeps (haha): I am planning on drinking lots and lots of coffee this weekend…! So come and coffee up with me (and my Dolly)! Or else, you will have a situation like this on your hands:


And you don’t want that, do ya?  ;-P

Home Sweet Home… It is very nice to be home. So far I haven’t done too much, but it’s been nice just being able to chill the f**k down after an intense period of uni work – exams and assessments and essays up to my neck… It feels weird to have a to-do-list this short, and I walk around with a constant feeling that I’m forgetting something, that there is somewhere I need to be and someone I need to meet… I’m sure it will pass, as soon as all the plane tickets are booked for the summer and I actually know where I will be and when. There is definitely gonna be a fair bit of back and forth…

Zzzzzz… But for now, I am more than happy chilling in the woods and doing nothing for a while. It’s so quiet here! ❤ No traffic, no people, no nothing. All I hear, actually, is the roar of my poor Macbook – I’m suspecting that it’s getting old and ill… I’m gonna let it, and me, rest for the night. Take care out there people. Cause I luuuuv’ ya!



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  1. Dolly Williams
    May 31, 2011 @ 09:35:49

    Haha, I think the sad face photo is not my best! Looking forward to seeing you, can’t wait! And yes please coffee it up with me and the beautiful Aud! Yippeeee! 🙂 x


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