A fragile and fleeting thing

The day is here – First-year is over. It is so incredibly weird, and totally awesome! I kinda feel like I haven’t stressed enough though. That everything has gone too smoothly. This time last year I was panicking, working my ass off to get the piles of work done in time. This year, I’ve pretty much been on top of things, and not even the Production task got me down (once I got started on it). And now I can just lean back and relax for 3 months…!

Starting NOW!;-P

Not quite true though, is it… The truth is, I can’t wait to get started on my second year, and I know it’s gonna be a great one. I’m finally gonna put that band together and start gigging in Liverpool, and I will hopefully be releasing an acoustic E.P. before christmas – and this time I actually believe in it, because I have started planning it already. I’m super exited about everything that’s gonna happen in the next year, with the music, the new house, the new flat-mates… But also, I’m very exited about the next few months. I’m going home on Friday morning, I’m playing a concert in Jevnaker on Friday evening, I’ve got more videos from the Café Sør gig on the way, and over the summer I’m gonna be teaching, going to France, and hanging out with some of the best people in the world. I am one lucky girl.

If this was to end right now, I’d go with a grateful smile…

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