Happy Norway Day!!

What, now…? Today is the 17th of May, also known as Norway’s National Day; the day we celebrate getting our own constitution and freeing ourselves from the horrible Swedes. Who we now love very much by the way, despite what all the Swede jokes may imply. Like the one about the two Swedes walking in the forrest; one of them says “Look, a dead bird”, and the other one looks up in the air and says “Where?” I know. Class.

17. May 2008

Stuck… Usually, I would spend the morning stressing around in my parents house, struggling to put on my ‘bunad’ right and franticly looking for my shoes. But, for the second year in a row I am stuck in Liverpool and loaded with work on Norway Day, which is the awefully cute name some of my English friends have given it. Last year I had an assessment that lasted from 8 a.m. to midnight, but I still wore a skirt and had about 5 ice creams. The skirt thing was probably not the best idea I’ve had, since the assessment involved activities such as building a stage, carrying huge speakers, crawling around making sure cables were where they were supposed to be and so on. I just couldn’t get myself to walk out of the door in jeans on the 17th of May… This year, I’m starting the day off with an a cappella assessment performance thingy, then spending the rest of it finishing my Music Production Remix task. I will do my best to stuff my face with ice cream though.

17. May 2009

It’s all about… I really wish I was at home right now, eating ice cream and “pølse”, strolling around in the sun (hopefully) along with family and old friends, seeing my niece and nephews in their bunads and ending the day with waffles on my grandma’s balcony, because to me, that’s what today is all about. That, and seeing the people I grew up with, and getting baffled with how many of them got married, had kids and bought a house since I last saw them. Usually quite a few.

17. May 2009

Traditions… You’d think that on a day like this we would eat something proper nice and traditionally Norwegian for dinner right, but you know what we eat? Hot dogs. Lots and lots of them. Don’t ask me why, but we do. All day. And it’s also the one day of the year when kids are allowed as many ice creams as they can stomach, so of course there is always a competition going on – who can stuff the most ice creams in a day?? Other things that happen on Norway Day are huge parades, performances, speeches, kids games, and lots of bunads and Norwegian flags everywhere. I might not be the most patriotic person in the world, but there’s just something about this day…

17. May 1989..?

…Do me a favor, will you? Have an ice cream for me today.

And remember; If you know a Norwegian person, give them a hug and tell them


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  1. Synne Eileen
    May 18, 2011 @ 13:11:19

    Gratulerer med dagen som var søta 🙂 Du er kul. ❤


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