Moments that make me smile… :-D

Easter Top 5 (in random order):

  • The Concert at Café Sør. 
  • BBQ at my parents’ house
  • Hanging out at Kristian and Marita’s
  • The Weather! I’ve got a tan line!!! And a sunburned nose!
  • The last night, with a belated birthday dinner at YaYa’s, and a great night at Milena’s. 

My Easter was jam packed with fun, sun, family, friends and concert preparations. I had a great two weeks at home, starting with a week on Kristian and Marita’s couch in Bygdøy, one of the most beautiful parts of Oslo. It’s a half island, and has lots of awesome houses and trees and beaches and stuff. And museums. It’s great.

See? Luuuuvly.

But the best thing about Bygdøy is without a doubt the house in which I spent a week of rehearsing and fun – The Winther residence. It’s like a little bubble of love it’s easy to feel welcome in. They are large consumers of tea and tea lights, and so was I that week, in a desperate attempt to fight off a very inconvenient cold – seriously, the TIMING…! But cold or not, I had a great time. We even took a family portrait, see?

The week of concert preparations was only interupted by an awesome BBQ with the whole family at my parents’ house in Jevnaker, where I got to eat awesome food, wear a dress, shoot with an air gun,

and hang out with these guys;

Actually, the BBQ wasn’t my only distraction from the rehearsals… I had to take the opportunity to see some of my favorite people while I was in Oslo, and the weather was so damn nice all week I couldn’t possibly stay inside…

Sunday came quick enough, and Concert Day was upon us… My throat was thankfully better, if not well, and the cough attacks weren’t as frequent. Marita did a great job of curling my hair, while we went through the songs one last time…

When we finally made it down to Café Sør, it turned out the other act had cancelled, so I was the only artist playing. That would have made me really nervous, if it wasn’t for all the familiar faces in the audience. Seriously, I am so glad so many of you came out to see me, it meant a LOT! I’m not saying I didn’t get nervous though – trust me, I was feeling it… First time in Oslo and everything. But all the love from my loves definitely helped calm the nerves. So THANK YOU! 😀

I also hope you enjoyed the birthday cake. I know I did!

Mmmm, the awesome, awesome birthday cake...

After the concert, we stayed for one more night at the Winthers, celebrating,

before we went to stay with my parents in Jevnaker for the rest of the holiday. And man, was it nice to sleep in my own bed for once…!! In case you don’t know, I’m a country girl, and it was lovely to spend some quality time with the peace and quiet countryside. To illustrate the loveliness; This was practically my playground growing up:

Family, friends and sun, and my birthday, which I have allready told you all about…

Mmmm, cake...

Everything comes to an end, as did Easter… Dan left on Friday, after a day with the Big C and the (other) dawg, the hansomne Nero,

and on Saturday I went back to Oslo for a belated birthday dinner with (some of) the girls, and a Lykke Li concert with my girl Milena before departure.

The concert was good, but of course the drunkest idiot in Rockefeller (which, believe me, is saying a lot..!) HAD TO stand next to me… After poring half his beer down my lap and throwing the rest of it into the crowd – what an absolute moron – he spent the rest of the concert “dancing” and elbowing me in the back… I can’t remember the last time I wanted to punch someone that much. Of course, the beer-in-lap incident happened just as Lykke Li started singing my favorite song of hers and the one song I was really looking forward to hearing. Way to ruin an evening. Grr…

The evening was saved though, by a lovely (as always) night at Milena’s. Pizza, soul heeling music, great conversations and a cat on my lap. That has to be one of my favorite places in the world.

After about an hour’s sleep, Eileen and Lars picked me up to go to the airport, and that was it – time to go back. Bye bye Norway,

hello Liverpool…

Naturally enough, I slept through most of the journey, sitting up in the car and the plane, which is probably the reason my back decided to cave in earlier today. No worries, it will probably sort itself out after a day or two, but it sucks to barely be able to move… Boohoo… Going to bed now, and hoping I will manage to scrape myself out of bed tomorrow for A Cappella class at ten… Wish me luck!

I hope you have all had a great Easter, and wish you all a happy week, filled with moments that make you smile. 😀

Lots of luuuv,


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  1. Mile
    May 03, 2011 @ 00:20:29

    ❤ ❤ ❤ YOU on my couch must be one of my favorite things in the world!


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