Status report:

Set-list for the show: settled.

Rehearsals: Going pretty well. Have gone through all the songs at least twice.

Voice: Bad, but better than yesterday, which is good. Still coughing like crazy.

Nerves: Starting to announce their arrival.

Hair: Cut and colored. Marhú is awesome.

General well-being: Enjoying the crap out of sunny Springtime Norway and Kristian and Marita’s couch. The flat is super cosy and the company wonderful, as always, and I might move in here. Today, on the bus to town, I saw lots and lots of all 3 of the spring flowers I missed last year; Hestehov, Blåveis & Hvitveis. It made me very very happy. Spring in Norway is awesome, and I’m glad I went home this Easter.

I hope you are all having a great Easter holiday, and that I will see a lot of your faces at Café Sør on Sunday. I will be there, with CAKE! Music, drinks and FREE birthday cake, who can say no to that?? Muahaha…

Another late one is over – I’m going to couch. See you on the other side.


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