Thank you, Suzahn! :-)

Like I promised, I’m gonna tell you a bit more about Saturday and Suzahn Fiering. Susahn is a Nashville based songwriter, music engineer/producer and touring jazz musician, and I first met her when she came to LIPA one year ago, to do a guest lecture in songwriting for my class. She was a joy to listen to, and it was truly an inspirational class. She is so confident, so american and so fecking cool!

I met her again at my Graduation last summer, or rather, at the Graduation party, where I looked like this:

It was a wonderful night, and sadly, it was the very last night with most of the people I had become so close with over the last year. It was both fun, loud and emotional, and I will always look back on that day and night with a smile.

Also, my parents drove down from Norway to take part in my Graduation and see me shake hands with the almighty Sir Paul, who was for the occasion looking sharp in a suit and TRAINERS:

Oh, and by the way: The guy you can (barely) see sitting behind Paul McCartney is Governor Swann. Also known as Jonathan Pryce. ;-P

Anyway, Suzahn was there because she is a close friend of LIPA, and she comes there quite frequently to do Masterclasses and guest lectures. At the time, I was still on the waiting list for the LIPA degree, and I hadn’t yet decided if that was what I wanted to do with the next 3 years of my life – if I even got in. I had a long talk with Susahn, over a few glasses of wine, and she had so many words of encouragement for me. And she said that, if I didn’t get on the degree, I could come to Nashville and be her apprentice! Who knows, I might have taken her up on that offer if I hadn’t ended up going to LIPA… 😉

Last week, when I heard that this year’s last Masterclass was with none other than Suzahn, I was thrilled. I haven’t forgotten what she said to me that night in the LIPA bar, and I was very excited about meeting her and drawing from her expertise once again. This time it was more about the business than the art, and how to be your own booking manager, and it was really interesting. She actually tours, teaches and writes songs full-time, and it takes a loooot of self discipline in order to make a business work pretty much on your own. So I have full respect for the woman, and it was truly an enlightening hour and a half.

In addition to the Friday Masterclass, she did an intensive 6 hour workshop on “How to Become An Independent Touring Artist” on Saturday, which I am so glad I went to. I met some cool new people, and learned A LOT. I feel like I have another leg to stand on, after a whole day of focusing 100 % on the business, time management, booking and a whole bunch of other little things to put in my “sack of knowledge”. Just being royally kicked in the ass by a feisty american business woman for an entire day, was great! ;-P

Photo by Kevin McGillivray

She also properly opened my eyes for the possibility of teaching as a part time job. I have been flirting a little bit with the idea before, but now I am actually thinking seriously about giving singing lessons in Norway this summer. I have have only come so far as sending out a couple of e-mails to start the ball rolling, so we’ll see how that goes. Exciting times! =)

Like I said at the time; there was nowhere else I’d rather spend my Saturday, than in Parr Street, with friends, a cup of coffee and an injection of pure inspiration. We all need a kick in the butt now and then!

So thank you Suzahn! =)

Photo by Kevin McGillivray

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. milesawaay
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 21:03:42

    Wow, that workshop sounds like a wonderful experience! And meeting Suzahn Fiering. Would like to hear some day about what you have learned and what more she said to you. 🙂


  2. Petru Calinescu
    May 17, 2011 @ 23:03:34

    Having been to this seminar, and having met (and receiving some great advice from) Suzahn myself, I can totally confirm what Audrey said. This woman is truly an inspiration to everyone whose path she crosses 🙂


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