Stop procrastinating – tomorrow, maybe?

Ironically enough, I’m procrastinating by watching this video about procrastination right now. I have sooo many things I should be doing, but I keep finding other things to do… Anyone recognize themselves in this? I’ll let Ellen talk for me on the matter of procrastination:


I talked to Kristian yesterday, and it seems like most things are ready for the gig (Café Sør 24.April). I have tracked down a piano I might be able to borrow from the culture school in my home town, so all that’s left now is pretty much rehearsing rehearsing rehearsing… Which will start in 2 weeks and 4 days, when I move in to Kristian&Marita’s couch for a week. One worry though; The poor man has managed to cut half a centimeter of his left index finger off…! So at the moment he can’t actually play guitar at all… Iiiik…! Oh, and they’re having some work done on their apartment soon, and if that falls in the week we’re meant to rehearse, we’re gonna have to figure something else out… But all I can do is crossing my fingers that the finger is healed and the apartment finished by then… While waiting, I am finishing songs, recording demos and sending them along to the Winthers. The setlist is 11 songs long at the moment, which might be a tad too long, I don’t know… We’ll see how long it is when we run through the set in rehearsals.

Turns out, by the way, that I am not the only act on that night – I’m playing after a girl called Christina Sandsengen, who apparently is an amazing guitarist. She is on at 20:30, I’m on at 21:30. So quite late, but I’m hoping people will take the drive from Jevnaker and wherever they come from to see me anyway. =)

Now I really have to go – I’m making myself a Mocha to go before class. I hope you’re all ok. Keep leaving those comments, and subscribing to my blog! =)

Lots of luuuv’,


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  1. Henriette
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 13:20:29

    Aller helst skulle jeg jobbet med en semesterbesvarelse, men jeg prokrastinerer jeg også. Jeg prokrastinerer ved at jeg leser om at du prokrastinerer ved å se på klipp om prokrastinering.


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