Another concert!

Another show is now on the list of “Shows To Come” (see menu above), and even though it is not until the 6th of May I thought I’d mention it. It is my Term 2 Ensemble performance, and I am very exited about it. It will be very different from the performances I’ve done in the past, but a little variation never killed anyone, right? I’m with a fun bunch of people, and we’re doing a fun bunch of songs. So far I’m not doing any of my own songs, but that can change off course. The songs we have chosen so far include some hits from the 90’s (but don’t worry, it’s not Backstreet Boys or Bryan Adams – it’s the cool stuff…) and a Maria Mena song. If you don’t know who she is, I strongly recommend that you check her out. She is a great Norwegian singer/songwriter and is currently in the process of recording her 6th album, which I am very much looking forward to hearing. I had the pleasure of meeting her (very briefly) in Stavanger many years ago, and she is just lovely. She has a beautiful voice and her songs are honest and heart-wrenching and fun – some critics have criticized her for being too honest, but we don’t care about the critics, do we?

Anyway, the song I’m doing is this one; He’s Hurting Me…

It’s very dark, but I love it. Especially the drums are amazing, and the way she uses her voice. Loves it!

Gotta go now, I have a class (if you can call 45 minutes of running and jumping and doing press-ups a class), but I will leave you with another one of the songs we’re doing in the ensemble performance on May 6th. I was gonna keep it a secret, but what the heck… I remember this song from the first cd I ever bought – ¬†Absolute Music 16 -and it brings me right back to 1996. Hereyago – Missing, by Everything But The Girl… Remember?

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