Live time!!

So it’s been confirmed –

I’m playing at Café Sør in Oslo Sunday April 24th!

I hope to see some of your friendly faces there! I will be playing alongside my friends Kristian and Marita on guitar and piano, 2 of my girls on backing vocals, and we might get a guest harmonica performance as well… Can’t wait! 😀 Café Sør is a place that I used to be a part of the furniture in while I lived in Oslo, at first, I must admit, because of the cute bartender, and then because of the amazing cocktails, the coffee and the nice atmosphere. I have enjoyed a few of these lovely Acoustic Sessions in the past, and I am very excited about being on stage for one. Happy times! ❤

I also wrote a new song today, together with Daniel Ross, and it is definitely on the set list for Café Sør. It’s a sweet duet, about young love and crushes, and it is at least catchy enough to get stuck in MY head… I’ll give you a little sneak preview one of these days, once I get a recording done with Rossie.

I’m gonna leave you with another picture of me and two of the best girls in the world. Cause they rock my world. Aren’t they cute??

By the way, WELCOME to the subscribers! Weheeey! 😀 Keep reading and commenting, I love hearing from you. ❤ And if you haven’t figured out that you can yet, there’s a subscription form on the top right on the page, where you can put in your e-mail address, and you’ll get e-mails whenever something happens on the site. Join in, baby! 😀

I hope your day was as good as mine, and if it was shit, I hope tomorrow will be better. It’s gonna be ok.

Lots of luuuuuv,


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