Blogging from my phone…

So, reading week is over, and I’ve had a wonderful time. My girl Milena came to visit from home, Melissa came down from York for a couple of days, and Line joined us last night after Mile left. Full House! This Is Two had their EP release concert on Saturday, and they kicked ass!! If your into quite heavy post hardcore rock (Like Biffy Clyro etc) you should check out their EP on iTunes.

I’ve enjoyed having my girls around. We’ve been staying up late pretty much every night though, so right now I’m KNACKERED! I’m actually in bed, at nine! Bliss.

Anyway, I just wanted to test out the WordPress app, and see just how easy it is to blog from my phone. Seems pretty easy! 😛

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend-I’ll be back with some more videos soon. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve put out so far?
Also, thank you so much for playing my songs – I’ve passed 700 plays thanks to you!:-D

Have a great week!:)


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