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  • I met my all time favorite artist and heroin, Unni Wilhelmsen, again in December after her amazing non-christmas concert in Oslo, and told her I’m singing her song “Orange” on my vocal assessment next week. She told me to send her the recording. If I dare. Do I…? 
  • I have passed 300 plays on Soundcloud! 😀
  • I am 6 fans away from 300 on Facebook (Come on people – Like and spread! 😉)
  • “Another Song” was played on Norwegian radio for the first time on Thursday – more about that later – and I celebrated with a cute little bottle of Champagne.
  • My Oslo band is ready to start working on the set, and I am going back to Liverpool tomorrow and looking forward to a couple of intense weeks of song arranging, demo recording and note material making. =)


Today, I once again had the privilege of being pampered by my very good friend Marhú. Marhú isn’t just a great friend, and she hasn’t just given me an amazing nephew who I love very much, and she hasn’t just offered me to be one of the maids of honor when she is getting married this summer (weheeey!!!). She is also the only person I trust my hair with.;-P She is a wizard, and I always walk out of there like a new person. This time I came to the salon where she works full time as a hair dresser, and it was nice to get a little glimpse of her little corner of the world, where she makes a difference in her very own way.

You can’t really see the cut, but you can see the colour at least. 🙂

My friend Ida sent me a Spotify link today. I love getting Spotify links, especially when it is to music I have never heard of that surprises and delights me. Discovering new music is one of my favorite things in the world. My friend Milena always provides me with lots of amazing music. She has a blog, in which she recommends lots of GREAT songs, bands and performances. Milena’s music is like my Drug-Of-Choice…! I can really recommend her recommendations…!
Anyway, today Ida was the one to send me a link, and without knowing anything about this guy I pressed Play, and was blown away by this piano instrumental tune. Breathtaking.

Yiruma – River Flows In You

I haven’t been that moved by a piano tune since the soundtrack of Finding Neverland, especially this one;

Finding Neverland – Piano Variation In Blue


Another musical number surprised me tonight. The TV was on in the living room, and the Norwegian Song-contest was on. And there she was, my friend from school, playing “langeleik” on a beautiful Norwegian folk-ish song! It was truly magical, and it was nice to see that there is still some justice, reason and people with taste left in the world – they made it to the next round over the half naked annoying blond who couldn’t sing.;-P
Marie is an AMAZING violin/fiddle player, and I have had the privilege of having her play on one of my songs in the past. Hopefully I will be able to “book” her again, because she had a great ear for what I wanted – she pretty much played exactly what I had in mind, without a word from me.

Like I said, I’m going back to Liverpool tomorrow, after 4 weeks of chillin’ at home. It has been lovely to be home, but it will be nice to get back and started again as well. I’ve got lots of things to do in the weeks and months to come, so I might as well get on with it. =)
Another thing I should get on with, is packing. So I will leave you with a frosty kiss and some pictures.

MUAH!! Xxxx
Unni Wilhelmsen & me
Marhú, Miguel & me ❤

2 more nephews ❤   

My friend Charit’s dog, and my new nephew.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marhu Salas
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 12:46:02

    <3 aaww.. without words.. love you lots!


  2. Miles
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 14:38:54

    Unni Wilhelmses consert was amazing 😀 Thanks for the link, nice to her that you like it!


  3. susannea
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 16:22:29


    Du kjenner meg ikke, men jeg tenkte jeg kunne skrive en kommentar likevel. Du skjønner, jeg søkte på LIPA dette året med null forventninger om å komme inn, men så fikk jeg invitasjon til audition for en uke siden wææ. Dette har vært en drøm lenge, men jeg hadde aldri trodd jeg hadde en sjangs. Så nå sitter jeg her å googler norske studenter på LIPA for å få en idé om hvor god jeg må være for å komme inn.

    Jeg bare lurte på om du kunne svare på om hvordan audition prosessen var? Jeg ville virkelig sette pris på det!

    Og om du kanskje kunne sjekke ut sound clouden min å gi tilbakemelding ? Det hadde vært supert:) Hvis du ikke er for opptatt da.

    Ellers må jeg si at bloggen din har gitt meg et ganske bra innblikk av hvordan skolehverdagen er på LIPA, virker utrolig spennende! Sjekket forresten også ut soundclouden din, elsker “Orange” coveret! Trodde faktisk du var orginal artisten, hørtes i alle fall slik ut.

    Setter veldig pris på om du gidder å svare meg haha!

    Hilsen nervøs LIPA søker


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