The SuperGlue kind of friendship

I have spent a lot of time this holiday (though not enough, never enough) with some of my favorite people, and it got me thinking about friendship. The super glue kind. You know, the people who stick. They’re there, even when they’re not, and the connection will never ever fade just because you for some reason don’t see them for a couple of years. That sounds so long, a couple of years, too long, but it happens. Life happens. People you used to see or talk to every day are either too busy or too far away, and so are you. It doesn’t mean the friendship is dead. When you meet again, you are relieved to find everything is the same, and you talk and laugh like no time has passed. “Let’s not wait another year before we see each other again,” you say, part with a hug and make promises to keep in touch. But another year passes, oh so quickly…

Why is it so easy to forget to remember? Why is it so difficult to make a phone call once in a while? When I was younger, I made phone calls all the time, just to talk. For hours. Even to people I talked to every day at school. Now, as life becomes busier and more serious, I forget to make those calls. So many lives, so many places, so little me, so little time. I wish I had more time. Because even though I know the superglue will keep them close even without the constant contact, actually spending time with them is something I can’t put a price on. The sound of these people’s voices make my life better. And I realize how much I miss them every time they pick up the phone.

I don’t really do new years resolutions, but if I did, mine would be to make more of those phone calls.
What’s yours?

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