The Oslo band is ready! :-D

Right, the Oslo band is ready, and here are the wonderful people you might see me perform my songs with in Oslo around spring time;

  • Guitar: Kristian Hansen 
  • Bass: Kim Westby
  • Drums: Øyvind Emanuelsen
  • Keys & BV’s: Marita Heimstøl
  • Backing Vocals: Julie Lund & Melissa Lødemel

I am thrilled to have so many of my long time close friends and lovely people in my band, and really can’t wait to get started on what I can only imagine will be an amazing time. You are the BEST, guys! 😀

I am also thrilled and amazed that “Another Song” reached 100 plays in 2 days – WOW!!

I should really be baking christmas cookies today, cause that’s what I always do when December comes knocking. But sadly, I am really freaking ill, and not able to do much at all…! ☹ I just hope I’m better for tomorrow, and my Ensemble’s performance in the LIPA Sennheiser. All though right now, I don’t feel very ready to sing “I Just Wanna Make Love To You…”

Send me some cyber-luuuv please, I need to get better! 😦
Lots of love,

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