Happy days & good news!

I got some very good news yesterday – I have been granted a 10 000 NOK (£1,000) scholarship from Sparebank1 in my home town in Norway! 😮

It is so nice to get some acknowledgment for all my hard work, and a huge motivation for the time to come. And I know exactly what to do with it. Lately I have really missed having a piano in my room and being able to just sit down and play whenever I feel like it. It’s just not the same to sit down in the piano rooms at LIPA, they seam to suck the inspiration right out of me – and not in a good way. Now I finally have the opportunity to get one for myself! THANK YOU SPAREBANK1!!! 😀 This will definitely help my creativity, and I can’t wait to write some new songs by my very own piano. ☺ I will probably get one I can both play on and use to record, so some kind of midi controller with weighted keys… But a big one! I definitely want the full 88 keys. Hurraaah!

I also got a lovely “YES” from my two songbirds who I was hoping to get to join my Oslo based band, which means the Oslo band is almost in place. So is the Liverpool band. Another guitarist here and a keyboard player there have yet to confirm, and we will be ready to rumble… Exiting times!

Again, sorry about the delay on “Another Song” – the last tweaking is taking FOREVER!! Arrrgh… Hoping to get it out to you soon. In the mean time, I’m spending a lot of time working on my new song (working title “Free”) these days, since I’m using it for my arrangement task. Tonight I have played around with making a string arrangement for it, which is sounding pretty sweet. But we’ll see what I end up keeping! ☺

I will leave you with a picture from my lovely weekend in Norway. I went home to see my sister as a young, luring which in an opera on Saturday, and she did such a great job. Fun fun fun! PROUD! 😀 My other sister had a baby last Tuesday (good timing, I know, and a job well done there to!) and one of my best friends moved his birthday party two weeks back just for me, so it was all in all an amazing weekend with lots of fun. I have now stacked up on hugs from my niece&nephews, my best friends and the rest of the family to last me until christmas.

I hope you have all had an as wonderful weekend as me!

Lots of luuuv,

Some of my favorite people in the world! ❤

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  1. Merete
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 20:13:11



  2. heidi s. wilhelmsen
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 22:25:04

    Gratulerer med penger, det er flott at du kan kjøpe piano, siden det du har hjemme er for stort og tungt til å frakte dit.
    Ellers er jeg helt enig med deg i det du skriver om dine søstres forskjellige store bragd.
    Stolt mamma, mormor/farmor.


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