“On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is not at all satisfied and 10 is very satisfied, how satisfied are you with Blaaah Blaah Blah Bla….”

I just spent 31 minutes of my life trapped in a market research phone call from O2. They have tried to call me a couple of times when I haven’t been able to pick up, and this time I thought “how long can it take, I can spare 5 minutes….” 5 minutes my ass…!

It won’t take long,” David assured me, and went on about how much O2 values my opinion as a customer. Polite as I am, I kept answering questions about how satisfied I am with my mobile services, but I must admit, as it got closer and closer to 15 minutes into the call, my rates went considerably lower… I KNOW that 1 means not at all satisfied and 10 means very satisfied by the 5th time you say it, DAVID, you don’t have to keep fucking repeating it…!!! But, of course, he does. Because it’s his job. I get it. He doesn’t want to ask these questions any more than I wanna answer them, and he doesn’t CARE about how effective I think O2’s TV adverts are. I get that someone has to make these phone calls, and I sure as hell won’t be one of the assholes who take their anger for being interrupted in their busy lives out on the poor schmuck who is just doing his job. But I do wish the last question was something along the lines of “On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is not at all satisfied and 10 is very satisfied, how satisfied are you with being called up around dinner time to answer ridiculous questions for half an hour?” Or what about “On a scale from bla bla bla, how satisfied are you with the length of this phone call?” 0, that’s how much. If you must know. And of course you do. Cause it’s your job.

Have a great weekend, David. You’re all right. 😉

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  1. This Is Two
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 19:36:49

    I had exactly the same thing from the North Yorkshire police once. Long story…


  2. Mina Marie
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 19:45:04

    Why can't they just do what everyone else does (because people have started to refuse doing that job): send an online survey where all you have to do is click and then have a 'everyone who participates has a chance to win an iPad' or whatever the pay of one person making the calls will justify 😛

    But then again that might just be because England and Ireland (I can really only speak for Ireland here) don't live their lives online the same way we do….get the surveys to the pub however…:D


  3. Miles
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 22:52:58

    Haha! I've got that problem, being too polite.. Thats why I steer away from telephone numbers that are unknown to me. and I'm always telling myself not to make eye-contact with sellers.. or else I'm stuck in the middle of an awkward situation!


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