In The Mix

Between classes in the LIPA Bar. Like my hat…??

YES! We finally finished the vocals on “Another Song” on Sunday, and I am actually quite happy with the result. I say actually because I am never completely happy with a vocal take – there are always a couple of words or notes that just makes me wanna hide under a table. Which is the main reason for the lack of songs on my Myspace as well. It’s different with live performances, it’s more acceptable to make mistakes than on studio recordings I guess. In the studio, I can do any line over again if I’m not happy with the first take, and that makes me such a perfectionist. But yeah, this time nothing bothers me enough for it to matter, and I am looking forward to putting it up for you guys to have a listen! I do hope to have it up within the next couple of days. It is being mixed at the moment, and Alex is doing it all on his own time, which he doesn’t have a lot of… So understandably enough, it is taking a while.

Exiting things are going on in Liverpool. For my Practical Project this year I am recording an E.P. and arranging a concert/mini tour, and I am working on putting a band together for that. Of course I have the acoustic guitar already – Dan is an obvious member of the band. So now I need to look for the rest of them; drums, bass, electric guitar, keys, and strings. It’s all about finding the right people. I do miss Luis and Karina from last year, it’s a real shame they’re not here this year. They did wonders on With You Gone! But I’m sure I will find some great musicians – LIPA is FULL of them!! 😀

It has started to snow in Norway!! 😀 I am going there next weekend, to watch my sister perform in an opera show, so I hope the snow stays until then. Dan is coming with me as well, and it would be nice to show him what Norway is REALLY about…! The thought of snow brings thoughts of christmas… Yesterday I heard Maria Mena’s brand new christmas song “Home For Christmas”, and it made me want to buy my plane ticket right away! It is such a beautiful song. I’m gonna leave you with the Youtube link, and if you want you can download the song on iTunes, along with the rest of her amazing music. I have! =)

Enjoy, and have a good evening!

Lots of luuuuv,


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Miles
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 16:28:20

    Ooooh, cant wait!! 😀
    Maria Mena's new song got me in christmas mood…already! Mellow and chill tune..


  2. Merete
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 19:48:27

    Gleder meg til å høre!
    – Og til å se deg!
    – Og til juleaften! Du vet at du skal feire hos oss, ikke sant?
    Du skal få sove på madrass på prinsesserommet sammen med Marte. 🙂


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