Coffee & progress

Just popping by for a quick update. I am chilling upstairs in my little “café area” of our room at the moment, enjoying a lovely home made Iced Coffee Mocca a la Henriette and listening to Dan tweaking on “Another Song” downstairs. Vocals have been pushed forward yet again, but this time it’s because we decided to do more on the song than we originally planned, so it’s taking more time. We’re not just doing an acoustic guitar-only version anymore, we’re putting in bass and drums and the lot. Dan is re-recording the bass right now, which is the last bit before it is FINALLY time to put the vocals on. And then, I am going to give Alex a cup of iced coffee and my biggest smile, and hope that he will mix it for us. Yey!

Gonna go warm up now, and hopefully the “bubble” in my throat will stay away for the day… More Gaviscon!!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, and enjoying all the colors around you. Autumn may be cold, but it sure is beautiful.

I love you!!

Lots of luuuuv,

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