Wow, that was a bad one…

Right now recovering from a horrible round of something I do not wish upon anyone, part from maybe one or two people I used to know… That is also why it’s been so quiet in here. I have honestly been completely out of the game since Saturday afternoon, just not capable of doing anything. Such amazingly bad timing to, since this is study week and I have lots of stuff I’m meant to be doing and getting my head around, and since one of my best girls from Norway is visiting. Silly got here on Tuesday, and Erik and I went to the airport to meet her, with a sign and everything! 😀
We haven’t really done that much yet, since pretty much my whole flat has been ill, and since I do in fact have to share her with Erik while she’s here, you know, brother and all that. But I am pretty much out of the woods now, and we have been out all day shopping for Halloween costumes. Wuhuu! Very happy with the result of that shopping, but I will keep the details to myself for now… 😉 
Tonight, as we speak actually, my Lovely is making us all his amazing lasagna, which will be very nice. I’m just doing a bit of work on my Myspace atm, while waiting for Silly and Erik to get here. It’s starting to look pretty good, I must say. Click on the link right under the picture, and you can see for yourself. 😉
Link to Audrey Wilsen on Myspace =)
No songs yet though, I’m afraid. Still haven’t recorded those damn vocals on Another Song – I was gonna do it this weekend, but I got ill, so… I’ll test my voice again later, and hopefully we’ll get it down within the week. I’m dying to finish it and get it out there and for you guys to have a listen!
Please stay tuned, I promise the song will be out soon! =)
I LOVE YOU, take care!
Lots of luuuuv,

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