Living with guys… ;-P

Yeah, living with guys has its ups and downs. Most ups. On the plus side, I’m not the messy one anymore, which means I don’t have to feel guilty if I forget to, say, clean the pot I used to make noodles for lunch. On the minus side, that means I have to deal with other people’s mess… I mean, your own mess is ok, in your own room, but other people’s mess everywhere will just drive you nuts.
On the plus side, we have actually made dinner TOGETHER and eaten together as a “family” every single day since we moved in almost two months ago. I’m proud of us, guys! Like Dan said yesterday, it’s because we actually like looking at each other. 
We also made a rule that says that whoever makes dinner doesn’t have to do the dishes. Which works out well. And, after 9 years of living in 6 different flats with different people, knowing that people just won’t wash up what they use after each meal, we agreed that the one doing dishes after dinner just does it all. And we take turns, so it’s very fair actually. And whoever makes dinner, pays for the ingredients, which also works out great because we don’t have to keep track of who owes who what and so on. 
All in all, I’m enjoying the hell out of this flat, and I’m loving being surrounded by friends 24/7. 
Who do you live with? And how are you making it work? 
Lots of luuuuv,

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  1. Julie
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 15:48:27

    Hahaha, great note!
    Yeah, other people's mess is annoying.. 😛


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