So many songs, so little time…!

Puh. The first week since we started on this project is over, and what a week it has been! We have already dived into the deep end, and I must say I am very pleased with the results we have so far. The first song is almost finished – all that´s left is the vocals and tambourine. Oh, and possibly some of Dan & Caesar´s amazing clapping…! *lol*

Editing the first video diary was great fun, and I´m looking forward to finishing Episode 2. Can´t really say I´m extremely excited about starting the editing of it right now, after spending all day Sunday until 6:30 Monday morning on the first one… Don´t get me wrong, I am enjoying it, I just need a little break… 😉

Last night Dan and I spent a lot of time working on the final track on the EP. I didn´t really have a fourth track yet, so Dan offered me to use one of his songs. I have always been skeptical about singing other people´s songs, because songwriting to me is so personal. I always had my doubts that I would be able to relate to something someone else wrote. But as it turned out, I could very much relate to this song – actually, it could very well have been written for me! Plus, it´s not completely finished yet, so I will actually have been a part of writing it in the end. We nearly finished a verse together last night, and we will write another one, as well as rewriting some of the lyrics to make it work for a girl to sing. I love the feeling and the lyrics of the song, and I can´t wait to start recording it! =)
Again, I feel so privileged to be working with such amazing and talented people, and it really inspires me to be better at, well, everything! We were super creative last night, and I feel like I have about 7 songs in my head, all struggling to get out. It´s lovely, but well frustrating…!!

Anyway, I am going to bed now, gotta get up early tomorrow to meet the others at Dan´s and get some work done before our Business Skills Lecture in the afternoon. It´s gonna be about the Record Industry, which will be very interesting – and relevant.
Hopefully tomorrow we will finish “With You Gone”, and get started on the EP cover. Maybe even start recording “Just Press Play” and get some more work done on the new song! We need to take some photos soon as well, to be able to get started on the Myspace and Facebook sites. We just need to decide on a theme and location for the shoot! I´m thinking outside, trees, me and the guitar. I love my guitar.

So much to do, but every little entry on my to-do-list is equally fun and I am enjoying every second of it! 😀

Good night everybody, hope you are living high and mighty!

Just press play – and put the remote down…


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